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The coasts of Finland is light by a group of unique, old lighthouses. They do not last for future generations without active oeprations. The Finnish lighthouse association is working for preserving the lighthouses and the lighthouse culture as well as is playing as a forum for active lighthouse enthusiasts.

Seppo Laurell
Honorary president of the Finnish lighthouse association
The Finnish Lighthouse Society was founded to promote protection and maintenance of the Finnish lighthouses and other navigational security signs as well as cultural inheritage they represent. The Society serves also as bond between lighthouse enthusiasts and represents Finland in the international lighthouse associations.

Since 2007 we have renovated Lighthouse Märket on the wide seascape of Åland sea, on Märket reef, which is divided by border of Sweden and Finland. The islet and lighthouse is open for turists under summertime until september 2012

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Our Märket Lighthouse project

The State of Finland rented Märket lighthouse for Lighthouse society with contract we begin to renovate its buildings. Lighthouse was erected 1885 on Märket reef under fierce circumstances, to warn of underwater rocks aroud the reef, and to mark out the seafare passage between Sweden and Finland.

Since 1885 Märket lighthouse had been manned all year round. After it was automatized in 1976, the last lighthouse keepers left it. So it was left unattended and unheated, exposed to cold, humidity, winds and ices for 30 years. In 2007 Lighthouse Society came to rescue it, at perhaps last moments possible.

For 5 years we have renovated the lighthouse. It has got life anew. It has been partly plastered and painted outside, as also its northern bulwark protecting it from winds and waves. The rooms inside are now mostly ready with ovens providing lighthouse's heating system. We are building upp own energy supply of wind power station.

All this and much more has been done by society members' enthusiatic voluntary work, except some parts that imply outside professional work. And we have had great fun all the meantime! Read Märket Diary 2012 of this year, and other diaries of these years.

You are warmly welcome to visit the lighthouse! Instructions for visiting Märket can be found on these pages!

Gustavsvärn fog signal station cottage - another renovation project

Gustavsvärn is a little lighthouse island in front of Hanko, the most southern port of Finland. Island has a rich recorded history of almost 200 years of wars and peaceful building times

Our second project is nearer inhabited regions, actually lively port and summer turist town. The little log cottage built 1900 has served as fog signal station, and radio beacon station were station keepers also lived.

Island has a lighthouse since 1868, built anew 1951. It was originally aimed as fortress of 1800th century Swedish king Gustav III, but all that was build was rampart around the fortress. Rampart is now partly ruined.

We have painted the house, put up new roof and made necessary fixing of boarding and construction logs. In summer 2010-2011 we renovated the attic for lodging and gathering (film presentations etc.). In 2012 we work with kitchen and bedroom/workroom.

Gustavsvärn can be visited by turist boat from Hanko. Welcome!