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Märket lighthouse keeper Roland Carlberg (on the rear of the boat) was helping Finnish Lighthouse Society to move to the Märket.

The first lighthouse keepers of the new era from left: Satu, Kikka and Outi.

Today Märket lighthouse island got new hosts - or hostesses - after more than 30 years of emptiness. Outi, Kikka and Satu are the first "lighthouse keepers" on the island. We brought them to Märket on Monday morning in a full mist - the sight was less than 500 metres. Finally, Märket just jumped in front of us! In spite of rising southerly wind we could land directly from the boat to the rocks.

After an hours interviews with the media and a lot of instructions we left the women waiving their hands on the island, Märket lighthouse behind them! We wished them all the best on the lonely island!