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Starting the new year at Märket feels great even though we don´t know how long our stay here will last. Waves keep hitting the reef without stopping and it´s getting colder day by day. -5 Celsius actually feels icecold with this wind! The cameras seem to work more slowly and the fingers of the cameramen are numb with cold in no time.

Snow dunes can be seen throughout the islet and you can find extremely beautiful ice formations. Snow is covering the puddles so you need to be really careful walking around if you want to keep your feet dry.

We heated water for washing the dishes and as our bathroom - Lilla Märket - was surrounded by snowdunes, Jake decided to take a bath in the open air. Refreshing it was indeed! Even a curious seal was popping up his head trying to find out who these people on the cliffs were and what on earth they were doing.

Lilla Märket out of order

Bathing outdoors

Warm soup tasted delicious as our cook Päivi always keeps adding something to the basic ingredients. Usually that is the leftovers from last meals.

We have continued the tasks that need to be done before leaving: placing the ventilation pipes, closing the door of the storage room and cleaning up.

Today the wind has changed it´s direction so it has been more difficult to heat the owens. The smoke keeps coming in the room immediately. Well, we have as a reserve here some gasheaters too, so at least we can use them for a while to guarantee little warmth before going to bed. As we are writing this we have +13 degrees in the kitchen. Three pairs of wool socks is the proper amount to wear and a cap is comfortable to wear day and night. At least you don´t need to worry about your hair-style too much :)