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Request of audience we try to get a little bit longer story for today.
Yesterday evening during our "uno-marathon" come rain which lasted over night. In our garret bedroom we could hear raindrops singing, and get good sleep.

Luckily we were clever enough to turn the rowingboat upside down, in the evening, so we didnt have to empty it today. The morning was grey, but no rain. Wind only 6-8 m/s SW, same direction as last three days.

After breakfast and three mugs coffee and tea we were ready to start our daily work.

Kati composting

We have to face the fact it is autumn, eventhough days are still warm and beautiful, winter is coming and all articles must be placed inside. Hopefully other lighthouse keepers will find everything they need next spring.


Before lunch we had our moment with radio. Seaforecast is the best friend here and help us making tomorrows plan. Tomorrow it might be very windy day so we propably have to take plan B.


After delicious lunch and little "freetime" we practiced and amuse our selves with guided tour here in Märket. Rina was a visitor and Kati guided (still no outsiders). It was very fun! Afterwards we had to do some shopping...

Märket models


PS. Alarmbells are ringing, Rina is almost out of chocolate! So please bring it with you....

NatinatiQ Rina ja Kati.