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October has arrived, and there is a light smell of autumn in the air. The hail shower surprised us in the morning, and the ground was covered with a white layer. But the sun also remembered to show us its face between the clouds, after rain.

One of our wishes came true, when we saw a sea eagle flying over the lighthouse! This far we have seen one little hawk and an owl hunting around. The sea eagle was very impressive huge bird, floating in the sky. We saw it also later, vanishing to the west, maybe on it's way to greet the other Majesty.

Not so impressive were the little birds, who decided to move into the house. Three of them were quite easy to evict, but one was really decided to stay. We used the soft methods, not wanting to hurt it, and it took us about an hour to get rid of it.

One of the bird intruders

We finally carried the boats inside. It was a real job to do, but now there is not much work left, before the lighthouse is ready for winter.

Good night from Märket!