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Mats gave us a hint last night to go out and see the fireworks from Eckerö. There is the tradition of having the fireworks always on New Year´s Day. But the sky was too cloudy so we missed the show. At least Jake managed to shoot a videoclip of the moon that came visible inbetween the clouds for a while.

In the mornings it´s nice to stay for a while in the warm sleepingbag before getting up. The temperature in the atticroom where three of us are sleeping goes down to 3 degrees during the night.
The kitchen remains a little bit warmer.
The stairway that has served as a refrigerator has turned into a freezer.

Today wind is from northwest 10 m/s and temperature is -8 degrees. Big areas of the reef are covered with ice and you need to pay attention to every step. We are also getting more snow. Here you can´t really talk about snowfall as the snow is flying horizontally.

Windy and cold

Our original plan was to leave today, but we had to cancel our reservation for the ferry tonight. There is no access to Märket so here we will stay. No one knows for how long as it depends on the weather. At dinner we had delicious Chili con Tuna but were discussing when we need to start rationing the food if the sea doesn´t settle down allowing the transport.

Sudokus, books and radio are our everyday entertainment. Our favourite program has for some reason been the weatherforecast for the sea.

Being here makes you really give respect to those who used to work in these tough conditions. The two-four weeks workshift could easily turn into several months. We wish to get home a littlebit sooner. Following these reports you will see when that´s going to be possible :)

Warm and nice