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Yesterday`s great natural show took place by the lagoon in the evening when Anna and Nina were enjoying a nice and refreshing swim. A young seal first tried to join them for a swim but ended up resting on the cliffs. Everyone came to take photos and Markku decided to get to know the seal a bit better. Slowly he crawled ckoser and closer. Markku and the seal were finally laying a meter and a half away from each other. Such a amazing moment it was, indeed.

Our first visitors arrived from Rauma with a sailing boat. These three men stayed a while on the island before continuing to Mariehamn. At 10:40 arrived a journalist from the newspaper Nya Aland to make a coverage about the renovation of Märket lighthouse. Photos were taken and us volunteers interviewed. Everyone of us will be getting a copy of the newspaper to our home adresses.

Our visitors Jukka and Jussi from Helsinki

Nina from Nya Åland interviewing Kaj and Ari

Jussi finished the engine room windows and continued working with the tower windows. Eastern wall of the lighthouse was also finished and scaffoldings were moved to the Southern wall. New building material was also brought to the island and trash was taken out. Anne and Kristiina did a huge job carrying all that to the boat.

View from the south.Notice the difference between the old and newly painted wall!

New paint shining in the sun. The lighthouse is as glorious as ever.

Weather has continued showing it´s best by giving us plenty of sunshine and warmth combined with a slight wind.

In the evening we had to say goodbye to the painters who are bound to be back on Monday. We won´t be seeing them since the eight of us are going home on Saturday, leaving only the host Ari here for the next week.

After a delicious grilled salmon and some quality time with our new friend the seal, everyone is going to sleep. Our newly found friend sleeps soundly on the cliffs.

´´Somewhere over the Märket seals are singing to us. Up there the light shines bright. New white and red stripes are glowing in the setting sun. While we all are living this wonderful Märket time``