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Since our friend (=seaforecast) promised rainy and windy wednesday, we decided to enjoy yesterdays beautiful sunny evening doing some outside jobs.

We carried old glassbricks in to shelter, cleaned up the frontyard of the lighthouse. We even tryed to saw old rotten woodplats but to be honest to do some sawing one needs proper implements and the one we found was a museo item. Men would probably use motorsaw...

Kati and rubbish

Rina making firewoods

It was lovely to fell in sleep with wind roaring and moaning in the tower. As we knew and were hoping, this morning was raining. Therefore we had no hurry to wake up instead of it we spend a nice morningmoment staying in our sleepingbags and making a better world, as we women usually do by talking.

After a long breakfast we started our inside job. We made an inventory, that Pekka asked, for all food items. After that we organized mugs, cups etc. as all the other women before us.

After work was time for something new, we made fire to our garretroom fireplace. Because that was our first "inside fire", it was a bit exiting. But everything went brilliant, no-one had to come after smokesigns. For a little while we enjoyed the warm and beauty of fire.


In the afternoon came sun and we had our afternoon coffee up on the lighthousetower.

Afternoon coffee in tower

During the day we had talked a lot about marvellous renovation what all members of lighthousesociety have done here in Märket. The lighthouse is incredible beautiful both in and outside.

Beauty it self

Soon we will continue our "uno-marathon" ... Now it seems that Rina has some work to do in friday.

Thinking of you! Kati and Rina.