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The last shift has left the lighthouse. Because of the storm rising from south Yvonne and Mats had to do very careful planning how to get us out. The first plan was to come at late at night, but that had to be cancelled due to a wind and unsecure conditions at night. The next possible time was in the morning, and we saw Serena, their boat, approaching us in the daylight. The wind had turned to west, that is, they had a chance to dock on the lagoon or the north harbour.

We were busy to lift the boat back to the shed, thinking that we would not need it anymore.
Serena tried to enter the lagoon, but pretty soon it seemed to be impossible. To north harbour we went, and after a while Yvonne told us that we have to take the rowing boat, Serena could not make it to the north side either. Well, we grabbed our red boat to north side, and started to load it, first Heli, then our luggages, and finally Antero. Then came the X-part, time to depart the cliffs, and take care that waves won't push us back. Everything went well, Serena was all the time our backup, and we did some rowing to reach her. After that everything was so easy, Mats and Yvonne took us to Eckerö and journey to home was on it's way.

Heli has been excited all the week, the lighthouse with its environment has proven to be way more than she expected. She saw great waves, eagles and seals, things she wanted to. She really will be back next summer, caught by the lighthouse. Antero has had a great chance to open and close the lighthouse.

The incredible work that has been done during the summer is really something that one should see with one’s own eyes. In the beginning of the summer, Märket was looking weary and quite pale, waiting for the volunteers, and now, after the summer months, it is really shining. I have a faith that it is possible to finish the job and give a new life to places like Märket, because there is enough people who care. Märket, untill next year!

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