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In the morning it was clear that the guests who were supposed to come at 9.45 for a tour from Sweden, would not able to land. Sea was far too rough and furious. That’s bad, but even worse was the fact that Yvonne, who would have arrived in the same boat, should have taken care of our food supply. The same wind also swept away our northern harbour.

No use to cry, normal daily routines started. It turned out a productive day: wooden handmade beds are almost ready and have been lifted inside in the first floor. Soon they only lack a test lay down.

Historical marks of the sea level where strengthened with white paint. From 1900 and 1907 the land has visibly risen - this rocky island has been even smaller back then.

The wind and the sea calmed down gradually and in the afternoon we thankfully noticed a white boat approaching: Yvonne and Mats bringing the tourists and the food! All important for us and for The Finnish Lighthouse Society.

After they left we continued working, plastering the wall and all other duties - and had delicious Greek style meatballs made by Jutta.

The hottest topic of the day appeared over the sea from the sky and landed on the south side cliffs; an impressive sight when an 18-meter helicopter of The Frontier Guard with its handsome crew stopped by for a coffee. Unfortunately, their serve was short because they received an alert at the same time with the cup of coffee.

The Finnish Frontier Guard Super Puma on the Märket ground

Having a cuppa with the crew

Members of the Super Puma crew

Fancy a ride?

We stay curiously waiting what a new tomorrow will bring.

Selja and the team