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Visitor's at last!

I am writing this at 9.30 sunday morning. I started it last night at one a clock, but I didn't get the connection.

The Finnish Lighthouse Society’s conference guests - 30 altogether - came to a visit at 9 pm. We had to wait long to get them safely to the island. Then another group of 30 people came on Sunday morning at seven o’clock. So this has really been a party island!

I woke up this morning at 4.30, climbed up to the lantern balcony, and admired the beauty of the scenery and the sunrise for a while. This is the last morning for me for now. Then I started to make coffee and tea for the guests, and after a while they arrived by three boats.

But back to Saturday: In the morning, weather was nice and sunny, though windy still. At last I was able to repaint the bordermarks, the helicopter landing place and a warning line to the edge of the steep cliff.

Fresh paintings on the cliffs

While painting I became a target of a hostile air attack. The funny thing is that the attackers came from both Sweden and Finland. They made some bombing, and too bad, they made some hits in the target too.

After painting I had some lunch, made some cleaning, swiping the stairs like always (I can tell You that there are many stairs in lighhouses...), and made some common arrangements.

Then the time came to welcome the visitors. They arrived on three boats, some 35 guest and hosts. There really was some life and action after spending the week alone. And finally I met Pekka Väisänen, the chairman of the society, by whom I have been only kept contact by phone and SMS-messages. It was really nice to see people, though it was a bit of a culture shock to a lighthousekeeping hermit.

Guests arriving

An English journalist, Fran stayed here for the night, he wanted to see the sunrise. He is making an article about the lighthouses, and it will be published in Finnair magazine, Blue Wings one of the next spring's issues.

This week has been unbelieveably great, an awesome experience really. I have followed my grandgrandfather’s footsteps, in an easy way, and I have been trying to imagine how the life here was at that time. It's very difficult to imagine, and trying to describe my own experiences in this blog is difficult too.

I can write about waves flushing across the island, I can write about the seals that are singing, I can try to describe what it is to be here all alone, sometimes worrying if the boat rope will hold for the night. But as long I can't bring you the sounds of a sea and seals, the smell of this old building and the sea, the feelings I've had here, I can just offer you a glimpse of the life here. This is something one must experience by him/herself.

If this was the old times, today I would start rowing about 20km to Eckerö because I couldn't use a sail. But today my challenge is to get the e-mail working. Times they are a changing…

Sun rises for another new day on Märket

New lighthousekeepers, welcome to Märket island! I promise You won't regret it.

Antero Raudas