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No time to get bored here, busy days full of work continue. Weather has been mostly clear and sunny today, wind approximately from two to six meters per second. The wind had dropped down from yesterday to a reasonable level, allowing us to work up in the lantern and complete the painting work for this time. Only decorative cast iron consoles still need to be done. After winning the fear of high places, it was possible to enjoy the view and fresh air up there too.

Selja painting the tower

Beds are even more almost complete. They look robust and hold together, and definitely offer a good sleep and peaceful dreams for all users. Mikko and Jouni made quality work again.

Beds are almost ready

Three painters arrived here this morning for four days, and on Saturday we should see the red and white painted walls as an result of their work. Their arrival also set a new demanding timetable for the kitchen crew: our dinner table is not big enough for all, so we are forced to eat in turns. Also their work time is different - that means almost constant cooking, either for them or for us volunteers. The amount of dishes also increases.

Having a meal together

Titta performing a washing up duty - with a view

During the afternoon some of the scaffoldings were pulled down from the southwestern wall and erected again to the engine room walls in order to work and paint there later on.

We also had two boat guests here today, both of them with some interest towards Märket’s fascinating history. Captain from an old SAR boat, m/y Hans Helenius, with three family members from Lumparland, had a guided tour. For a change, he enlightened us with the history of the old SAR boat, which had made rescues here in Märket’s dangerous waters, too. Later on, we also had here Jan Andersson, a researcher from The Provincial Museum of Åland, collecting information from Märket for his project.

This work day will end, at least for me, with a nice and refreshing swim in the lagoon. And we are all waiting for our competent foreman Ari to keep his promise of offering a barbecue meal later tonight.