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We waited for Sturm und Drang but Märket has shown its kind side by far. Today started with sunshine and almost without wind.

In spite of this summerish weather the first thing in the morning was to set the fire to the fireplaces and heat the washing water for ourselfs. The wood we have here is somekind of surplus from the building sites so it burns fast, we have to add wood every now and then to keep the fire on. It´s a continual job to chop the wood and run between the floors. You can see the benefit tought; for example the crackers that were forgotten last night on the kitchen table were dry in the morning. Kati and Riina (last week´s guards) told us that they had some problems with the attic´s fireplace leaking the smoke. We found out that the smoke gets out from the sheet hole and we´re trying to solve some solution that supports both practice and restoring.

Fixing the fireplace

Before lunch Saara did some laundry, got herself wet and and made her first contact with the Swedish water. No harmful algae in the water so regards back home!

Saara swimming

As the Austrian correspondent couldn´t visit Märket came Saara his trusted assistant. Andreas is going to write a reportage about Märket´s unique situation in the world´s border history so he needs some photos from this rocky island.

The sunset was perfect to get some cheesy images of the lighthouse but typically the digital camera wasn´t co-operating. For the battiers to be loaded we started the generator. First time no, second time no, third time no. After some contact with ancient gods the engine started running. Not late after this Pekka called and told us that tomorrow we´re getting grand old guests, some radio amateurs that have visited Märket since the 70´s. So no silence after tomorrow morning but world wide signals 24/7!

Day 2 over and out - Saara

Kalle writing the lighthouse keeper`s journal