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Swedish speaking radio reads out loud the Stormskärets Maija, Anni Blomqvist's famous book about tough life in the archipelago of Åland. The wind howles trough the lighthouse and the fire crackles in the corner. Outside there is only sea as far as you can see. Is this the moment when you actually are in the picture that has been only a fantasy by far? Are things ever like you wished when they are finally concrete? Does the lighthouse make us confront something too vulnerable in ourselves? For example the quality of our literary expression. Maybe it would be better to focus on daily happenings and after finishing Joyce's Ulysses and Perec's La Vie mode d´emploi try to get rid of this 19th century style...

Saara`s sparetime books

Yes, the radio men came today. Lars and Pertti landed at 8:00 sharp with "light baggage", only half of the sea resque boat was taken! They got the boys room downstairs and placed their radio equipment there. The purpoise of their visit is to fix radio amateurs engine and greet fellow freaks around the world.

Singnals from America!

Kalle had heated their room last night to give the feeling of Ritz. Today he carried on with the fireplaces and saved Saara couple of times when she couldn't get the wood burning. Kalle, formerly known as bodyguard Hasselhoff, has reached the title of firemaster of Märket and is worried about the house after summer volunteers leave - lighthouse should be warm more often in the wintertime.

Saara made basic vegetarian lens soup for lunch and noticed that her cooking scale is for hungry young men, soup should last the whole week.

Lens soup for lunch

Other work done on Tuesday was basic housekeeping stuff: cleaning, dishwashing, emptying bio compost and wood chopping. As the evening falls senior men gather around the kitchen table and the junior sneaks up to her virgin room to write letters back home before loosing her vision. Tomorrow's journal will tell about the animal life of Märket!

Day 3 over and out - Saara