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Wednesday was the first real windy day! Saara started her day by opening the roofhatch like every morning and noted below Pertti fighting against the wind. Like the weather broadcast promised at 7:50 it blew from south-west around 14m/s the whole day. We've had mostly clear sunshine during the daytime by far so it is really refreshing to walk out on the cliffs.

The swallows have a nest under the engine house's eaves like some of the previous guards might have meantioned. The couple has at least two fledglings that are learning to fly because soon it's their time to leave the nest and head to Africa. Saara has tried to keep her eyes open for this fascinating event but might be cause of the wind only the big ones have been flying around. She got a guest one evening when the other visited her window.

Swallow on the window ledge

On a desert island you pay attention to the flora and fauna more than in the city where you must observe other human beings. We have seen at least seagulls, cormorants, wagtails, flys, spiders, ladybugs, small fishes and those annoying mosquitos that hang around the lighthouse's light, on the shelterder side of the wind.

A blurry ladybug next to the stairs

Better to have mouth closed when entering the roof in the evening

The infamous seals just haven't shown their wet faces yet and we start to doubt that either the diesel engine of radio amateurs that yes, gives us electric light, but also calls out like a small factory, fears them off or the seals are just a poetic legend of Märket. They still have two days to correct this lack!

Kalle took a day off from the warm up (maybe the firemaster's title was too heavy for him?) and checked out the shores. Catch: an empty tetrapack of pineapple juice. The treasure ended up in the oven outside. During this Saara handled the leftover wood for fire and practiced the guiding.

Today's thriller was when Lars saw something out in the sea; he suspected it could be a buoy wandering on the waves. After Saara's exploring expedition with binoculars the thiller turned out to be something different than she hoped, just a damn seagull that flew away.

Saara and cal

But you never know when something crazy happens, at least tomorrow has a good chance when we do the shitty work with emptying the toilet!

Day 4 over and out - Saara