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In the morning the swells of the northern side sea were breathing heavily but tranquilly against the islet. Waves where flatter than yesterday, but still the strenght of the sea was present. No rest for island Märket as a new storm arouse from opposite direction with constant heavy southern winds. Due to forces of the nature no one will reach us here and we will stay prisoners of the sea.

Works continued

This way our skillfull team won another workday here, and did its best today too: Mikko and Jari continued with the roof structure. Jutta continued to painf enginerooms walls, Selja and Ari continued plastering the magazine wall, Titta continued to do the dishes and fotography, Jouni and Jari continued their thousand tasks as all a around men.

Selja and Ari plastering the magazine wall

We take our work here seriously but there is also time for play: Mikko and Jari built a nice kite to take most pleasure of the conditions.