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What a wonderful day. We made a fine progress today. Almost two sides of the basement wall are now ready or lack only the finishing touch. And after a foggy morning the day cleared towards the evening. Because of the fine weather and sunshine many of us decided to wash themselves for the first time while being here.

After thirty years of dampness, it´s warm and cosy inside the ligthouse now. The temperature in the kitchen is 20 degrees. Emil and Lorenz have been our firemakers.

It's warming up in the lighthouse

Today’s guests were from Åland and they were celebrating a 60th birthday. Lorenz played his violin again.

Picnic celebrations

Today our lunch was pea soup, and at five o’clock we ate grapes. Now we are preparing goods for a barbeque.

In the evening we are expecting some reinforcements for our crew. When Tapio Rönkönharju comes, we will have two architects in here.

Good night