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Yesterday evening we got another international guest, Michael, a traveller from Ireland who likes to visit extraordinary and unique places all over the world. Märket definitely is one! We hope that visiting Märket was worth travelling despite pre-stormy weather we had last night. The visit was quite short, because the storm was rising. The last two members of our group of lighthouse keepers also arrived with the same boat; luckily, because we knew it would have been impossible to reach Märket today.

Our visitor from Ireland

We decided to wake up a little bit later because it was Sunday and we were extremely tired after travelling long. And Lotta - who was the only one who stayed for another week - deserved a good sleep indeed.

The men have been working hard for the whole day. They have been building support beams for the boat shed so that the roof would be able to carry more weight. The others have been staying mainly inside doing some domestic work because the stormy weather outside doesn't allow us to continue working with the granite basement of the lighthouse.

Building support beams, safe from weather

Sea has shown its grumpier side today

In the picture you can see our new water warming "pot" (can't find the correct word from our old pocket dictionary). The previous one mystically disappeared. Perhaps the seals got bored with the cold sea water and stole it, who knows, it remains a mystery.

Daily tasks - heating water and washing up

This is Märket, the stormiest place in Finland.