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Yesterday evening was not actually that refreshing as we hoped. The weather forecast said it would be misty day outside, but in the end, the visibility was not good in a lighthouse kitchen either.

We were happily enjoying our evening tea when we decided to light a fire in the fireplace once more, because one of us lighthouse keepers is sleeping in a kitchen. Well, the fireplace was on a bad mood and blew all the smoke to our faces. Soon the kitchen was full of smoke. Even though we tried everything to make it work, the fireplace didn't want to co-operate with us. In the end, we had to take the firewood out.

When we had solved the fireplace problem, we noticed the fridge was not cold anymore; the gas had run out. Of course our fridge is not that simple as fridges usually are. And why would it be? Isn't it more fun to use your creativity to make things work? Living in an isolated lighthouse isn't even supposed to be easy.

Inspecting the fridge

We thought it would rain today so we didn't start to work with the granite basement wall at all. Jari and Kari have been reparing the door of the boat shed. They made a new shining hinge. Lotta and Axel continued their work defining the colours used in walls and doors. You can believe that many colours have been used during past 124 years!

Colours from the olden days

New hinge, almost a work of art

The vegetarian member of the kitchen crew found herself in a bit strange situation; grilling beefs for the others to eat. Actually, only half of us six are beefeaters, but because the problems with the fridge yesterday, we needed to prepare the meet we had.

Sanna planted some flowers into the old sink buckets and now we have some beautiful red and blue flowers next to the entrance.

Welcome to the lighthouse!