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We woke up at three in the morning in the common sleeping room on the ferry, when an intruder was searching our stuff. As I leapt out of my sleeping bag yelling at the thief I soon found out my sleepy legs were unable the catch the thief. After a lot of cursing and swearing, however, we soon found out that most of our belongings still were ours and that the lute of the petty thief only consisted of Viivi's phone and my pipe tobacco, which I really had looked forward to enjoy together with the view.

Out of the fear of more inconvenient incidents we did not get any sleep until we got off at Mariehamn where we then waited three hours for our ride to Eckerö. When the kind and lovely car driver Yvonne picked us up our luck finally changed. The early car ride through sleepy yet beautiful Åland cheered us up and before the equally lovely and kind, yet another Yvonne and her family picked us up for the boat ride to Märket, we even got ourselves half an hour of sleep in the morning sunshine.

Enjyoing the views of archipelago in the comfortable yet bumpy boat, the ride
seemed quite short and soon we could see the silhouette of our destination. As we approached Märket the wind speed was already rising and the chance of us having any tourists on our first day where getting slim, but we still managed to land without problems and were welcomed by the lighthouse guards we were to replace.

Fifteen minutes after we arrived, we found ourselves – stunned but pleased - welcoming twenty one firemen from the Eckerö voluntary fire brigade. They were on their annual picnic and had chosen Märket as their target.

At that point our energy resources where quite low, but since firemen are well known for their high morale and helpful spirit we actually had lots of help and got to enjoy their cheery mood and hotdogs (that is, I got, as Viivi is a vegetarian). After the firemen left leaving us happy yet tired we finally got to settle down in the lighthouse that now is to be our home for the next week.

The fire brigade enjoying a cuppa on the cliffs

Writing the day's report

Past and present linger close here on Märket

Hugs and kisses - Jonas