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The waves caught the bottle mail as I wish i would have caught the thief that stole my precious pipe tobacco. As the bottle in a steady pace slowly floated north we went to sleep.

Waves at the south shore

When we woke up the weather was still quite the same as yesterday, only that recognizing the wind direction now was a bit confuzing as it seemed to be blowing from all directions at the same time. As the previous day had been the international lighthouse day and we had
allowed ourselves more leizure time than planned, we decided to try to get some more work done despite the wonderful sunshine and warm (yet windy) air.

Always something to be done

Viivi soon proved to be an exellent mason as she splattered the plaster over the walls and we got a lot more work done than I would have imagined we would.

Viivi mixing the plaster

Now we're watching the rainclouds gather while enjoying our soup and hope that they will have come and gone before tomorrow morning. Hopefully we will have more sunny beautiful days though it seems a bit sceptical at the moment.