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We woke up to a morning of equal amounts of sunshine and clouds. Nothing was workwise planned for the day so we decided to have a quiet morning and enjoy the weather. In the afternoon however we saw rainclouds gather in the horizon so we thought it was best to get busy as we still could.

Märket gourmet

Most of our previous meals had been prepared indoors and as we didn't know how long it would rain once it was to start we brought out the barbeque from the storage room.

As Viivi then started to prepare the delicious meal I thought this would be a good time to deal with some of the dirty work. Both the compost and the outhouse had started to fill up so bravely I grabbed the shovel and cleared some of what gathers in those kinds of boxes.

From food to earth

Then I started to spread it as fertilizer to the little treekind plants and bushes that was able to withstand the rough conditions of our rocky island.

Fertilizing the largest tree of Märket

By then the meal was ready and as the rainclouds approached we enjoyed the last moments of sunshine eating a great meal consisting of different vegetables and barbequed cheese. As a grande finale of the dinner Viivi asked me what the big thing flying over us was and we could happily witness our first Sea Eagle flying over Märket. The magnificent bird slowly flew over Märket towards a smaller rock on the northwest side. On the way it was distracted by some seagulls after which it landed past our view.

As we unsuccesfully continued to search for the Sea Eagle with our binoculars we witnessed another pleasent archipelago view. In the water by the rock some ten seals where enjoying their afternoon bath and slowly started to climb the rock to dry up before the rain.

The visitor of the day (and the only one) was a tiny white and brown bird that came through the door but tried to leave out the closed window. I noticed it soon enough and brought it out so that it didn't harm itself. We were later searching it from the bird book but did not recognize it. Do you know what kind of bird is this?

A bird watching

The sky is turning from light blue to light grey as the rain sweeps over Märket. Waves are low and tender on the South side but according to the weather report we're to be expected thunder and strong wind. Candle lights make kitchen cosy as we're reading Pappan och havet (Moomin Dad and the Sea by Tove Jansson) aloud.