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Yes indeed. Pekka told they were celebrating the Midsummer here on Märket two years ago with a great bonfire. They we wondering why there was no bonfires seen in the horizon. Afterwards they were told the bonfires are not a Midsummer tradition here in Åland. The bonfires are only burned in Finland; Ålanders celebrate the Midsummer in Swedish style dancing around the May poles instead of bonfires.

Last year Märket was unmanned during the Midsummer because no one volunteered to come, so this is only the second Midsummer celebrated on Märket during this century.

We were hoping to get some Midsummer guests today, but no one has come. Ok, perhaps it is a good thing because after the furious day we had yesterday it has been a kind of mess here.

Piles of timber still wait to be carried into the shed

We continued to carry the timber into the sheds. Pekka made some calculations about the value of the timber we got and once more we have to thank StoraEnso for a great gift it gave us. Now the renovating projects can continue!

Making a new table

One of the lightkeeping duties: shovelling waste from the ecologic toilet

Wow, the sun just came out! It seems that we are going to have a beautiful weather tonight.
The sauna is getting warm. Märket wishes a great Midsummer to all of you!

Happy Midsummer from all of us on Märket!