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In the morning Mats brought four new lighthouse keepers: Sirkka, Ari, Juha and another Juha who is now on called Jussi. We were also pleased to get Kaarina back in good health. Jari left us but he will come back after a couple of weeks.

Saying Jari goodbye for now

Today we finally got some visitors when the Koskinen family arrived. What a nice and outgoing family! Hope you had a pleasant journey!

Our visitors from Raisio, Finland

At lunch outside

The new lighthouse keepers didn't waste time laying in the sun like seals, they have been working hard since they arrived.

It has been once again a day of building scaffolding. The scaffoldings are getting higher and higher every day and soon we will reach the heaven (even if I am pretty sure Märket IS the heaven). Building the scaffoldings is like building the puzzle. You never know how many pieces are missing and how does the scaffolding seem in the end. After all I think we are managing well.

New keepers already labouring rock hard

Caravan of builders

The painting project is supposed to start on Tuesday and we are trying to build the scaffoldings as much as we can so that the professional painters arriving next week are able start their work with no delay.

It has been T-shirt weather outside so far, but now an amazing fog suddenly surrounded us. Turns of weather are sooo sudden here. And the light is never the same. You might think there is not so much to photograph because it is the same old lighthouse and the same little rocky island all the time. Instead, one needs to carry a camera in the pocket all the time here because the light and the weather conditions keep on changing. Märket in storm, Märket in sunset, Märket in fog... You name it, but it's never the same. It is a shame how the camera still cannot capture the amazingness of this place. You need to come and experience it on your own!

Light changes swiftly