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5 degrees celsius. Yes, inside, not outside the lighthouse when we woke up at 7.30 AM. We had legendary Märket porridge and then it was time to see the reef in day light. We found frosen water ponds, snow walls etc. The old waves from the south broke beautifully on the shore. Two or three seals watched us carefully from a distance.

We found one of our water tanks floating in the eastern harbour. Pekka catched it with a hook. Then he went to cook. The menu was fried baltic herring beefs filled with Swedish "caviar" and potatoes. It was delicious, told the ladies.

Pekka rescueing the water tank

The main task for the afternoon was to welcome the boat that would bring the fourth member of our crew, Nina's husband Stig. Finally at 2 PM the boat came. But the waves made it impossible to land. After a half an hours drive the solution was found: Nina, Pekka and Selja dig an old rowing boat that hadn't been used for ages from the wood shed. We carried it to water and tested it Yes, it was not sinking!

Nina and Selja looking into the horizon in wait for Stig`s boat

Pekka took the boat and rowed to the motor boat. Stig jumped in and took his stuff and wood from Eckerö to shore. What a relief it was! The gang of four was now together.

We put Stig at work to warm up the owens He succeeded to run the difficult heating system of the lighthouse. At 8 PM we had already 13.5 degrees in the kitchen.

Stig arrived by a rowing boat with wood for heating the lighthouse

After the daily report for Radio Suomi and some sandwitches it was time to do preparations for the Christmas. Selja practised Christmas songs with a saxophone in the attic room. It echoed beautifully in the dark stairs where a red candle light was the only light. We were really getting to the Christmas mood...

Candles are the only lights in the lighthouse stairs

With love, the Märket Christmas crew