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The new staff has arrived to Märket. We are Johan, Anita, Sari, Sini and the photographer Untamo. Päivi and Jake are staying another week in Märket.

Today we started to clean the storage room facade. First we cleaned the walls and then Sari washed them with a pressure washer.

Johan built new scaffoldings and pulled down old ones. Also he built a new lid for the water pot and received guests.

Johan at work

Päivi put new window glasses in the frames and prepared a delicious lunch for us. Everyone ate with good appetite and after the lunch we had a short siesta.

Sari and Sini

Soon Sari and Sini began to paint the storage room wall white, while Anita continued cleaning the boards from old nails. Anita gave the guests a sightseeing tour around the island.


Just like in the morning, Untamo continued filming for his document film and also built some scaffoldings with Johan and helped us in many ways.

Untamo at work

Jake was in charge of delegating the tasks and did a big part of them himself.

Around five o´clock there were some lightnings and we had to finish the work for today due to heavy rain. Anita had prepared a great dinner with perch fillets, new potatoes and salad. The rest of the evening we are going to relax and enjoy this lovely place.