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Boxing Day and no special tasks except our daily reports to Radio Suomi. So we took it easy and woke up at 10 AM and had coffee with Märket porridge. Some of us woke first time at some 6 AM to the heavy banging of the steel roof. Wind was heavy, some 20 ms.

Pekka talking to Radio Suomi

The waves were getting bigger and bigger and again they were hitting the reef from all directions. That is very typical for Märket. But that was just the start. Stig heated the washing water and Pekka made wood for him.

After coffee and some pages of the Uuni book we went out again and noticed that the water was pouring over the reef from both sides of the lighthouse. The yard was the only safe place specially because the temperature was sinking to minus 2 and the cliffs were getting icy. Just before the sunset the wages were huge, maybe some 3 metres high. They came from all directions except from west. The strong light of the neigbouring Swedish Understen lighthouse was the only sign of life we could see anywhere. It was nearly impossible to shoot stable photos or video in the wind, which was in fact sinking.

The storm hitting the northern rocks of Märket behind the wavebreaker. Photo taken from the attic window.

The storm reached its peak in the late afternoon. Some 80 per cent of the reef was floating.

Nina and Selja admiring the storm from the new terrace

After the sunset we took hot bath in Tiny Märket. Just behind it the see was flooding and washing the cliffs, but the concrete hut was beautifully warm after washing oneself with hot water That was pure luxury! It snowed a bit and also the yard was now like ice ring.

Clean and happy we enjoyed pasta bolognese that Stig had prepared. For desert we read again the Uuni book loud. The writer is just starting to build the great owen on page c. 50. Pekka had to stop reading for a short snap before starting to write this report. You may here from us after midnight if the talk show host decides to call us.

Stig preparing dinner

We have lost all great Christmas time TV programs, but we don't miss them a bit. Life here right now is great!

At this point we want to thank our webmaster Satu in Tampere, photo editor Jonte in Espoo and weather adviser Tuomas in Lempäälä. What a great team!