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It was still raining in the early morning. That didn´t matter, because we had slept very tight. The new beds are excellent. They are steady, they don´t creak and they are big enough. Four beds in such a little space! Thank You, who ever has made them!

The new beds are excellent

As usual we spent a while swimming in the lagoon. It is always calm although the waves are roaring in the sea. Someone calls it green lagoon. That´s because there is soft green seaweed on its rocks. Today we found a new place to jump into the water. Awesome!

Enjoying the morning swim

We cleaned the front yard today. Rain stopped and the sun came out. We walked around with plastic bags and picked up everything that didn`t belong to the nature. After a while our bags were full packed.

It's time to relax after another day's hard work

In these conditions, on this tiny island, many things become simple and get diffrent meaning. For example listening the radio. At home it is only in the background but here you really listen to it. The most important program of the day is the weather forecast for shipping. And the sound of the waves is our background music. About the food here, it is also simple. Even the oatmeal porridge tastes delicious. And in the evenings candels make such wonderful an atmosphere.

The world may have its ways somewhere out there, behind the sea

It`s getting dark outside. Playingcards and candels, here we come!

The week 35 crew, Nina and Maija