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Today started around nine with a Sunday breakfast made by Nina and Anna. Since it’s Sunday, we had something extra – namely, all that we could find from the fridge. Yammy, ay... Thera was also a consulting session like there should be on every Sunday on Märket.

The day was was spent working hard. Ari, Jussi, Markku, Juha and Anne did a splendid work scratching the iron windows and painting them, as well as the iron walls of the tower. Juha and Sirkka, our two students, did a huge work with it. Meanwhile the kitchen team relaxed after a busy morning having a couple of hours for swimming and sunbathing. Gosh; Tarja, Nina and Anna really took everything out of it and enjoyed it to the fullest.

Painting the lantern with primer... well as the iron windows

The lighthouse starts to get new appearance

There were a couple of boats visiting the island which made the day for Tarja and Nina. Jussi continued making the wooden mattresses and afterwards decided to go and freshen up by the lagoon. Well, it turned out to be something totally different... Jussi heard a splashing voice and found his very own mermaid. A seal wanted to be friends and swim with him!

Today we also had four new people coming to the island, while Juha left us after a brief encounter with his girlfriend Jonna, who was supposed to come here already on Saturday. Our familiar painters from Görans Fasad arrived, with two bran new lighthouse keepers Kristiina and Kaj, all of whom we welcomed with a warm smile.

Sending love from the Märket lighthouse. xoxo