suomeksipå svenskain english

Yesterday it was sunny and we had many visitors. Today it´s windy and so far we haven´t had anybody visiting the lighthouse. Today we decided to interview each group member and write down their feelings, opinions and ideas.

We will start the interview with Päivi who is doing her tasks inside the lighthouse. Päivi says: We have finalized big tasks in the renovation, which is great. The weather hasn´t been as good as last years but still we have had some sushine. And it is great to have the seals back.

Jake is outside scrapping the storage facade. Jake says: This year we have worked hard with the renovation outside the lighthouse and now the changes are visible. Still there is a lot of work to be done inside the lighthouse?


Johan is building a new terrasse outside. He says: It´s great to have a 360 degree view on the horizon. In this kind of place you can meet people who think in the same way about things as you do, and that is interesting, and fun. In here something is happening all the time, the weather is changing, guests arriving, boats coming and going etc. And constantly the nature is very much present. Also it is fun to observe the big cargo boats that pass by. You might get the idea of travelling in one of them for a week or two.


Sari is scrapping paint from an old door. Sari says: It´s wonderful to do something totally different and new. You can learn many things about yourself and there is the change of learning some practical skill as well. I have always loved old furniture and objects and I know how to fix them. This lighthouse brings the renovation into a bigger scale. Of course the nature is unbelievable and we have a good team. You meet interesting people and you also gain a lot from this experience.


Anita is outside helping Johan to build the new terrasse. She says: In here different kind of people from different backgrounds are working together for a common good, to have the lighthouse in a better shape. Life in here must be very different from what we have at home. We are in the middle of the sea, but on the border. It is nice to notice that people come to visit the lighthouse from both sides, sweden, åland and finland.


Sini is sitting inside the lighthouse writing the lighthouse diary. She thinks: The sea has always been important to me. I really like to be in here and try to help somehow to renovate the lighthouse. We have a nice group of people, it´s interesting to get to know them and to learn from them. Maybe some new thoughts will also appear, in here or after this week. It is great to have the nature so close. I have seen seals, the other day we counted there were 15 of them on the rocks.