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Everyone slept well. All the sounds we could hear to the attic reminded us from the summernights. In the morning the reef had a slight snow cover and looked even more beautiful than yesterday.

We dressed up properly trying to avoid getting cold in the fresh wind. Enormous waves hit the nothern harbour and we were competing who would shoot the highest waves. Our videoman even got his shoes wet from some of the waves...

Shooting the waves

After the outdoor activities the warm sausage soop tasted excellent and pancakes were served later. The kitchen really needed some cleaning up and we did spend quite a while doing it. Now it is much more confortable for us to work and spend time there.

Preparing sausage soup

As the sky cleared up we could enjoy an extremely beatiful sunset. Too pitty the seals that greeted us yesterday have moved further because of the waves. It´s almost full moon so it´s time to go out and shoot some pictures in the moonlight.

Today the temperature outdoors was below zero the whole day and we expect the cold weather to continue. We are trying to find a good balance in heating up the owens. As we all have warm sleepingbags we decided to heat them up only once today.

Wishing you all good night... "the New Years´ Crew"