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Pera´s car was fully loaded. We started our journey to Märket at 09:30 AM from Postbryggan with Mats´s boat Sefyr. 1

The loading of the materials and the belongings take only 30 minutes because Mats said, that he can´t drive our new rubberboat and outboard motor safely to Märket with the small boat from anchored Sefyr.

At Märket there was no possibilities to fasten to northern harbour, waves were too big after fridays hard wind.

After we succeeded to land at Märket, we had a short coffeebreak and briefing with the leaving team.

Then it was time to watch how it goes with their outgoing to Sefyr. It went well so as our incoming. Thanks to Mats who is a real seaman and sailor.

In the afternoon temperature rose a little bit over 15 degrees in the sunshine and it was 10 degrees in the shadow, no wind.

And then back to work. First job was to get food, other materials and our belongins in to the lighthouse and then started planning what to do tomorrow.

Paavo and Pera