Our aim is to protect lighthouses and seamarks

The purpose of the Finnish Lighthouse Society is to protect the lighthouses and their reconstruction and cultural value. The Society protects also the valuable archipelago and inland waterways’ daymarks, cairns and beacons equipped with light. We share knowledge about lighthouses, past time lighthouse traditions and the way of life, and try to raise awareness of the situation on lighthouses and seamarks in danger.
The society is a binding between lighthouse enthusiasts and represents Finland among the international lighthouse societies.
  • The lighthouses are not used in seafaring anymore and the old lighthouses are left to decay.
  • Protection work is a joint cooperation between municipalities, The Finnish National Board of Antiquities, different schools such as vocational schools and polytechnics, local societies and our sponsors.
  • The Finnish Lighthouse Society has its own reconstruction projects in Gustavsvärn starting from 2005 and Märket Lighthouse from 2007.
  • We also participate in local societies’ projects such as the Tasku daymark reconstruction project summer 2016.



”There are many unique old lighthouses by the Finnish shore. They cannot be preserved without active protection. The Finnish Lighthouse Society works for the preservation of the lighthouses and the lighthouse culture. It gathers the lighthouse enthusiasts together.”     Seppo Laurell The Honorary President of The Finnish Lighthouse Society

The members of the Lighthouse society do lot of different kind of voluntary work such as

  • Reconstruction work and maintenance of the lighthouses and guided tours at Gustavsvärn in Hanko and Märket lighthouse which is located in the Sea of Aland.
  • Marketing and selling the Lighthouse calendars; The calendar and its pictures are valuable income for the Society.
  • Participating on lighthouse movie tour and fairs where the Lighthouse Society’s work and its products are promoted.
  • Participating on different kind of projects and gatherings such as the reconstruction project of Tasku daymark summer 2016.  The memberships makes it possible to arrange voluntary work and preservation of the old lighthouses. All of our members are welcome to participate on our work but also the membership itself is valuable. Our members are informed on the Lighthouse society’s webpage where also the voluntary workers write a diary of their week at the lighthouses. The members will also receive a membership letter by e-mail.

Excursions to the unique destinations.

  • Lighthouse Society arranges excursions to the unique places by the Finnish shore. We arrange cost price day trips and excursions to the different lighthouses all over the world. At least once a year we arrange an excursion to some destination in Europe.
  • The members of the society are active; we have many gatherings throughout the year; Once a year we participate on International Lighthouse Day which is held at Gustavsvärn. The Internatonal lighthouse day gathers the lighthouse enthusiasts together from all over the world.

Lighthouses are fascinating.

  • The enthusiasm can begin from many reasons: the unique architechture, the old way of life, the history or the nature and the sea fascinates.
  • The people who participate on voluntary work are very open minded towards the un-expected. The work at the islets is done together with un-known people at the deserted island where the sea makes the rules; sometimes the transportation to the islands is impossible due to weather conditions.
  • We are commited to preserve the most valuable history, buildings and stories about the lighthouses.
  • Some of the members are supportive members who are also valuable for the society’s work.

By buying our marketing producs you support the Finnish lighthouses and our work.

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