12.10. - 13.10.2013 Closing Märket


Our task for this weekend was to close Märket after this season. It went well, in good weather and in good mood.


12.10.2013 Saturday: Work and planning


Sefyr was unloaded at Saturday morning in nice and warm weather.

Angela declares that the Sefyr's front hold is now empty

Old and new crews and Mats in the sunshine

Planning next year tasks

The rubberboat ...

... and the safety fence were moved to the storage.

Hello ”Oskar Juliet Zero Victor” ! Greetings from the Märket reef (with mickey mouse dots). Pera have done what he promised to do.

The acrylic dustcover is now over the model of the Atomium and Manneken

We had a very nice evening at saturday.

The Moon

The lighthouse

Sun sets behind Understen Lighthouse


13.10.2013 Sunday: The closing day


Angela has closed the main door of the Märket lighthouse.

Last members of the crew are leaving the lighthouse.

Thanks to all who are followed our work and doings in this year at Märket. We will continue our tasks at the next year.

Best regards:

Angela, Anne, Johanna, Outi, Päivi, Ari, Jari, Marcus, Petri and Pera


Jaa tämä somessa

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