Saturday 6.8.2016

I had quite a promp beginning for my stay, because 21 canoeist arrived at the same time. And we are just the two of us here at the moment! Pasi proved to be an exelant guide.

Here they paddle on their way from Finland to Sweden

20 canoes parked by our old harbour

In the afternoon arrived a sailingboat on it's way to Marienhamn. Pasi is telling the two couples about the history of the lighthouse.

Visitors always find it amusing to play aroud the border of Finland and Sweden

Guiding didn't disturb the resting canoeists.

Now at 8 o'clock it is clear that the canoes can't leave Märket this evenig because of the wind.

The new colourful willage aroud the lighthouse

Sunday 7.8.2016

Finally at 10 o'clock the Swedish canoe-team was able to leave the lighthouse and start paddling  agenst the headwind. Pasi followed them for a little while.

It's quiet now. Chance to discover small details on our beautiful islet.

Pasi was continuing the endless task of getting rid of the rocks on the bottom of old harbour while I was going through the instuctions for the Märket voluntaries (and cooking and cleaning up).

Monday 8.8.2016

Today we woke up for a windy day, 10 to 14 m/s. I had a chance to dig a little deeper into cleaning the kichen. Pasi repared a broken lid of out smallest kettle. Isn't that cool!

Pasi was removing yesterdays rocks from the old harbour with a wheelbarrow. Later we lifted two huge rocks with a winch. Pasi worked in the water and I got to use the winch. Then I pulled and Pasi pushed the wheelbarrow to get the rocks away from the harbour. Well, Pasi did the most this time too.








Pasi was also fixing the winch. I've realised that he has to have something to do all the time. I did some inventorying in the shop.

In the afternoon we were quite sure that a seilingboat would come ashore, but it turned and bypassed Märket. It would have been possible despite the wind, because the wind was blowing from the south.

It's important that you are very economic with drinking water and food supplies here (and everywere else too!). I'm proud to carry out that principle. I try to make each meal also tasty and pretty too. The task is to avoid any waste. Today we'll have yesterdays leftovers with some chicken for dinner.

After our dinner and before the sauna, I'll look for a calm spot between the rocks and read for a while. Of course the novel I'm reading is also suitable for the location (It's about life in a lighthouse hundred years ago).

Here is the view from the sauna window.

Tuesday 9.8.2016

It's not the tasks but the conditions that challence the voluntaries. Today it's the wind: 14 m/s.

This morning Pasi built a better fastening for the boat's tarpaulin. Any large objects are difficult to handle with such high winds.

Pasi got tired of the messiness of the boathouse. See how cozy it is now, and there is so much more space. The place where the waist is sorted should be tidy and clear.

Before and after

I'm doing an inventory in the kitchen. It's important to use food products taking into account ”best before” marks. I'm also making a list of kitchen equipment that shoud be replaced by new ones. This is a very well equipped kichen! I like to work here.

Pasi was filling up the tank of lighthouse's aggregate. I got a really useful tip for an instrument that helps moving oil or gasoline from one tank to another. That I must buy soon!

I spent some time photographing birds. I especially admire the skilled flight of the terns. They can really use the wind power.

Common Ringed Plover, Charadrius hiaticula, tylli

Dunlin,Calidris alpina, suosirri

Common tern, Sterna hirundo, kalatiira

Wendesday 10.8.2016

Today I had a long call  from Helena, who is resposable for the kitchen next week. Luckily I did the inventory yesterday, so I was quite aware of the food strage contents. It was a useful conversation for me too, I got many new ideas for the rest of the week.

The weather has cooled. Thermometer claims that there is only 14,1 degrees. But sky is clear, so if I can find a sunny spot without wind, I belive I can enjoy a peaceful moment reading my book.

This doesn't work at all

This is fine!

Pasi has been busy as usual fixing things. Today our water barrels got strong covers. Water is always an issue here. You have to bring all drinking water with you and make sure no soiled water gets into the sea.

Pasi and barrels

Altough Märket's rocks are only three meters above sea level, here are many stairs. Some are in use, some are part of lighthouses history, some are molded by nature.

Thursday 11.8.2016

You learn to keep on eye on the wind gauge here. It's funny how interested we are in the numbers, even if you can see the situation just by looking out.

This morning the wind suddenly shifted from south to north-west and got stronger. No one will be able to come here today, nor leave.

Our harbour today

Huge waves rolled over the cliffs. Strong streams devided the islet into many wedges. Only small area round the lighthouse was safe to walk.


Now I understand why the water is so clear in the pools in the middle of the island. It's changes in weather like today's.


I have to remind myself, that 15 m/s is not a storm, just a strong winds!


Water rolls over the cliffs

Friday 12.8.2016

Beautiful sunny mornig. This little fellow has also came out to warm up.

At last Markus and four radio amateurs from Germany were able to arrive. Bengt brought them from Åland with his boat. They couldn't dock to our harbour even today because of the waves.

The lagoon where they were finaly able to dock was in the most distant point from the lighthouse. Moving their goods in the house was a bit of a chore.

Anett, Dietmar, René, Daniel and Bengt are having a coffee and banana-apple cake brake.

This ia a goodbye from my part. It has been an unforgettable week!

Jaa tämä somessa

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