Day 1

It was a long day. The skipper said it was an exceptionally calm day for the sea and our coming. He said there are no more than 5 days like this a year. And hardly any ever September. So far, so good.

The day was sunny and the night was warm. This place looks so special in the bright sunlight.Good, that all four of us are here now. . The day was spent on getting settled and getting the antennas up and working.  The results exceeded all expectations.























Day 2

The whole day was clear and sunny. It looked like we were in the summer again, only the strong gales of the wind were reminding us that we were already in September. From the early morning the island and the lighthouse were posing to us from each angle possible asking for a better shot.

It was good to know that no matter what the wind is, it does not affect the interior of the lighthouse. Nevertheless Jukka was up in the kitchen scratching and painting the sealing.























Day 3

Morning began with a very quick swim in the sea water pool. The day was windy but it calmed down in the evening. Surprising, the lighthouse stayed very warm at night. The temperature only drops from 21 to 19 degrees with no extra heating.

We tightened the bolts on the sauna frame, a tricky job, considering the height of the roof. The smoke detectors have been tested. Cleaning small pipes that are for condense water was one of the days tasks.
















Day 4

Our old friend mr. Wind was with us again this morning. That was great help for us, because our task for today was pretty smelly indeed. We did empty the compost, but our real challenge was to clean the grey water filtering system – as you see from picture, we don't want to know all the ingredients of that smelly mud but it's not blocking the system anymore!


















Jukka also finished the job with kitchen sealing; no more rusty spots. Except next year again, it's like summer... it comes, for sure, even though it may not look like it for a while.

Day went along as usual, we ate well and took time for nap too! We have been eating only vegetarian food this week, or to be specific lacto-ovo-vegetarian, because we use cheese and eggs too. We have had carrots in so many ways, like slices fried with jeera to be used as as a topping for rye bread. Absolutely delicious!

Morning swim and a mid-day swim, yes yes, and three times a swim from sauna! But water sure feels gold, if you heard something weird last night that was our scream... maybe that's the reason we have seen only one seal so far.





Day 5

The summer stays. Good time for a motor boat drill, which we did. The girls learned how to off load, start and navigate the boat. Jukka and Vladimir spent a while sawing and cutting wood. The pile that looked so impressive has almost disappeared.

Amateur Radio part had a surprise, we just found out of the major magnetic storm and a solar flare. The biggest in this solar cycle. The conditions for communications went to almost the level of a genuine miracle on some bands while getting down to a complete black out on others.We are watching the sky tonight in hope of some good aurora lights.

Jaa tämä somessa

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