Here we are again, ready for a week as a lighthouse keeper! This time everyone of us have been at Märket before, so we all knew what will be ahead of us: seven days out of everything, far beyond the everyday city life with all its hulabaloo. Our boatman Mats had spent the night with birdwatchers at Signilskär, so he just brought the boat to Käringsund and went home to have a well-earned nap. This time our chauffeur was Bengt, an experienced boatman as well.
















Some of us came here wishing to see the autumn storms and big waves rolling all over the islet, but the forecasts promised something totally different: they even mentioned the magical word "indian summer" for next week! The morning was cloudy and the change of the crew was made in a gray weather. In the northern harbour there were still big surges from yesterday's winds, so we had to connect to the buoy and use the rubber boat when landing.








The first day on Märket is always for orienteering. People get to know each others, plan the tasks of the coming week and just smell the air and walk on the cliffs. Lighthouse enthusiasm often goes hand in hand with other nature interests, there are e.g. many birdwatchers among us. Ari used a good time with his camera and saw many flying fellows, above you see a willow warbler (pajulintu, Phylloscopus trochilus).

























The Word for this summer in Märket has been the Timber. Almost all the groups of this year have had their own share to strike or pile, so now we indeed have enough wood! Every possible place is filled with neatly packed logs. And you never guess what we did with them on our first evening? Well, warmed up the sauna, of course. After all, we're Finnish. Or did you have other suggestions?









After sauna we all were very tired, because everyone had woken at 4 o'clock in the morning. After the last sunbeam the island quieted and the lighthouse keepers were tightly asleep.

Sunday 24th Sept. 2017

Yippee! Exactly 3 months to Christmas Eve! In Märket we didn't have even the slightest mark about the coming winter when we woke up for a morning coffee. Because the incidents on this remote island are so rare, we were already in the morning excited about the guests who would arrive later today. We would have 12 geocachers here in the afternoon! 12 guests is quite a lot and after a short brainstorm we decided to bake a big pancake for them to be eaten with coffee. The morning passed by peacefully and finally, after lunch someone noticed a white spot in the East: Mats' boat is coming! Hurry now, coffee machine ready, pancake out of the oven!








At the same time we saw another boat circling round the islet. Do we get even more guests! So after the tranquility of the morning we suddenly had two boats full of guests. The big group were geocatchers all around Southern Finland: there were Bosse, Mia, Lasse, Esa, Susanna, Titti, Joni, Kirsi, Heidi, Antti, Santtu, Iiris and a dog called Rocco. In the other boat came Sören and Birgitta from Mariehamn.







Above: the geocaching group, below: Sören, Birgitta and Tipe, below next: Rocco liked to swim.
















The big moment was when the geocachers found the westernmost geocache of entire Finland. We won't tell the exact place, come and find it yourself!

Because there were so many people we made two groups of them according to their mother tongue. Tipe guided the Swedish talking group and Eevakaisa took the Finnish speakers. After the tour our tiny lightthouse shop was full of people: t-shirts, calendars and postcards were bought. All the earned money will be spent on maintaining the buildings here and in Gustavsvärn, so we appreciate even the smallest purchase!

The visit took many hours and when their boats finally sailed back to Åland, it was already evening and dinner time. Then we had sauna again and after it the Sandman was already knocking in the window. Tomorrow will be a new day!









Monday and Tuesday, 25th and 26th Sept. 2017

We have amazingly good weathers here: usually you need a raincoat,a pullover and thick woollen socks on the last week of September, but now we are wearing just t-shirts and even shorts. The cliffs are so warm that you could walk barefooted.

Now it's time to do our tasks of the week. Because the season is soon ending (there will be only two groups after us before closing the lighthouse for winter), there aren't any big projects left anymore. Only cleaning things and places before the long, long winter.

















We took all the carpets out for the whole day, so all the dusts of the summer were damped away. We also cleaned the timber boxes in every room and filled them with dry wood. We're quite sure that we don't need to warm up our sleeping chambers on this week, but it's always nice for the next week's crew to go to a room ready for warming - if the weather has turned colder.

















We have two small boats here, a rubber boat and another made of fiberglass. We took the latter one inside because it's not needed anymore in this autumn. After it we cleaned the tiny ditch which brings our ”grey water” away.








Teppo also fixed a broken chair.

















After all this hard work it was time to play - you remember that someone wise once said: "Only work and no play makes Jack a dull person!" Ari had brought here his drone and we others just stood and watched that exciting toy. We don't want to be dull!








Ari found this scary looking one from our wavebreaker, between two big stones. Is it the Alien of Märket or what? I wonder if it's still safe to walk outside after dark?

Wednesday 27th Sept. 2017

Where did the sun disappear? When we woke up it was grey and cloudy but (fortunately) still quite warm, and so it was all the day. That's why we had a more peaceful day: long breakfast, small tasks inside the lighthouse and other buidings, much talk and laughter, and sauna of course.

Planning is important. ”Well planned is half done”, as they say. Teppo and Ari are having a planning session between jobs.








Here they fill the fuel tanks in our machine room. Hard work, which demands constant concentrating!









The lighthouse shop has to be invented all through before winter. All the paper stuff – calendars, books, stamps – have to be brought away because the dampness of winter would destroy them. And we remind all our Finnish followers that it's possible for you to buy these great items on Lighthouse Society's Document Film Tour, which begins today in Tampere and goes almost around the country in October and November! See the exact dates from the page









Dishes have to be done, sunny or cloudy. In the picture there is our kitchen manager Johanna.









No day without observing the nature. In this summer there has been lots of jellyfish at the Southern coast of Finland and also here in Märket. Also seaweed made beautiful patterns in a pond between the stones.













Today the sun was hiding, but fortunately we have this sunny sight taken yesterday by Ari's drone.








Thursday 28th Sept. 2017

Thursday was also a cloudy day. Maybe we finally have to say goodbye to the summer 2017! Because the closing time is so near, we have things to do before leaving. The lighthouse shop has to be closed, every item has to be counted and packed carefully for the transportation to the mainland. We continued this job, which we began already yesterday. The lighthouse shop thanks sincerely all customers of this summer - you remember that the money spent on the souvenirs will all be used for maintaining the lighthouse!














Cloudy and windy weather can't prevent us from our daily walks and explorations on the islet. Here you can easily travel abroad – just one step and hejsan, du är i Sverige. Hello, Sweden! But always mind the gaps between the stones!

















Cloudy days are often the best days for photographing. I suppose these old, almost antique items in the lighthouse are maybe the most photographed items here – once more, here you are! They are beautiful, aren't they?









The bright coloured lichen makes the island colourful even on these dim autumn days.














Friday 29th Sept. 2017

The sea water level is exceptionally low this autumn. Here is a view to our Southern harbor, you can see the ordinary sea level from the white areas by the seashore.







Sea level isn't our only mystery here on Märket! For the whole week we have been wondering our red-colored pond (see the picture below). And this isn't the only one, there are also some smaller ponds. What is this red color - our geologist Tipe assumes that it's some kind of seaweed which makes the pond water look like blood.









The other problem is this mysterious number code which is painted on the cliffs in Eastern harbor. 72121? Is it someone's secret telephone number, or smugglers' code which tells the place of their treasure? The world is full of mysteries. Maybe some of you know the truth behind these numbers?








When we don't work, we relax, and for relaxing we have even a small library here. It has been collected mostly from the books which the volunteers have left behind for other volunteers. There are some very old books too, dating back to the days when the lighthouse was working and the lighthouse keepers stayed here over long winter months without tv or wifi.













This was our last day here in Märket. In the morning Mats will come to take us back to Käringsund. Thanks for this nice group and thanks for Märket – we'll meet again next summer!


Jaa tämä somessa

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