Greetings from Märket!

Today was our second day here in Märket. We had quite a start for our watch. It was rainy, windy and foggy. It was quite an effort just to get us places to sleep. But this morning our life changed, sun came out, wind was only 6-8 m/s. A sleepingbag filled with dovejackets, woolcaps and -socks guaranteed a nice sleep around the clock. It has been beautiful, fantastic and very busy day in the lighthouse of Märket. When the madness came out and we started jumping around the island, filming everything, taking photos and screaming: we are so lucky to be here. We fixed jelly breakfast and enjoyed us on the rocks. When we took a seawaterbath it was freezing. The seals were bathing in the sun on the little rock. There is about 80 of them and every now and then a couple comes to follow our tasks. There heads pop out of the see and they stare us for a while and dive away. Whole day we can hear them hallowing. Our dear neighbours.

We started to sort out all the gear that was brought here by the lighthouse people. And there is plenty of it. it took us about the whole day get a mobile computer to work. We need that for sending pictures.
And the second challenge was the very pro grill that was still in its box waiting for us to screw it together. We made it in two hours and had a wonderful grilled porkbeef dinner outdoors.

We explored the lighthouse, climbed up the stairs. Scenery from up is fantastic. We can easily see the Finnish coast in the east and other lighthouses nearby. Visibility is outstanding.

We made ourselves a long list about the things to do here today, but it seems to take a long time to get one thing done here. This must be the magic of this place: the slow life. And we are enjoying every minute. And we feel we have been fixing and doing all the time, going up and down. Most of the day we have been outdoors today. But we have clear plans of what we intend to get done indoors. You will see.

Now we are sitting in the nothern corner of the granite wall, looking at the sunset and the seals. The wind has picked up. It is about 10 m/s and we are happy watchers. The end.

Jaa tämä somessa

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