As a member of the Finnis Lighthouse Society you support the restoration work of old lighthouses and daymarks. With the funding from the membership payments the old lighthouse history can be restored. You can also participate on voluntary work at the lighthouse islands or other projects. As a member you can participate for the lighthouse trips around the Europe and buy the merchandise products with a discount. Part of the society’s merchandise are only available for the members.  

Membership payment

The annual membership payment is 20,00 euros. All the money goes to the society’s work.  

How to become a member?

  • To be a member you need to fill up the application form found from the bottom of this web page. E-mail address is very important for the information and communication.
  • We also appreciate feedback typed into the comment box within the membership application.

After filling up the  memberhip application form

  • The applications are processed at the Lighthouse Society board meetings held once a month.
  • After the meeting you’ll receive a welcome e-mail from the lighthouse society’s secretary who welcomes you and gives you the instructions for the memberhip payment.
  • The members will receive a memberhip letter once a month which gives you all the updated information. The letters can be directed into your spam filter by the e-mail providers so make sue you check your spam mails.
If the letter hasn’t arrived, contact: majakkasihteeri (AT) majakkaseura.fi
Currently the membership letters are sent only in Finnish and Swedish due to lack of resources.