Saturday 22.10.2016

The water also at Märket continues to be really low. New stones are found every day and the surrounding area changes on daily base.

The temperature both outside +5 and inside +15 are still comfortable. Even the wind 10 – 15 m/s is good, and who wouldn´t enjoy watching the waves.

Today we got more birds to the island– purple sandpiper (Calidris maritima).

Closing the lighthouse for this season means also making lot of different types of inventories – today we started with the Märket shop.

Sunday 23.10.2016

Sunday morning – enjoying breakfast coffee and banana toast in front of the fire.

Today still big waves and windy Autumn day.

Preparations for the closing continues outside and inside, but still time to enjoy the weather.

The evenings are getting dark.

Monday 25.10.2016

Monday morning and no sun, but fresh sea air.

All things from outside needs to be moved inside “Venevaja” or “Alamakasiini” other vice winter sea will take them.

Also the engine room is taken care of.

Even the days are getting shorter looking from suns perspective – every day we still have time to enjoy the beauty of the peaceful Island.

Tuesday 26.10.2016

First time wind less than 10m/ s and this could be seen as more birds on the Island than days before this since Thursday.

We also moved the last flies to dining room, named by Albin (the bigger) and Lisa (the smaller one).

In some part of Finland today came the first snow, here at market still getting the snow in water format.

We are soon starting November and our little Lighthouse geranium is still alive.

Thurday 27.10.2016

Our coffee machine stopped today – so we shall have instant coffee, but Jussi decided to make a try to repair it.

Normal day rutines continues go on.

A bit sun before the sun set and a new bird Coal Tit (Kuusitiainen) made the day.

Today the wind is suitable first time since last Thursday,and we will get rest of the team plus 3 radio amateurs to Märket during the evening. As they came after sun set we needed to do some preparations to get the team safely of the boat.

Saturday 29.10.2016

Morning started with a fresh wind and sun.

Whole day we got the pleasure of enjoying beautiful waves and how our small island got even smaller.

Also the solar panels are producing well energy, and wind mills are in action.

Jaa tämä somessa

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