We left the Eckerö harbour in a fine weather and also arrived at Märket under similar conditions. This is my first visit to any lighthouse, and even though I've seen pictures of the place I was impressed when we landed on the rocks of the islet. Such a rugged place but fascinating and beautiful!

On arrival the weather was calm, later in the afternoon it became very windy.

We are a group of two Finnish radioamateurs + their wifes (me being one) + three radioamateurs from Japan, Slovakia and South-Korea. Pasi was already on the spot when our party arrived. The amateurs almost immediately started working with their antennas and other gear aiming at getting "on the air" as soon as possible.

Antennas are being built by Atsuo and below Lee.

Especially for the visitors from Asia this is a rare occasion to be active from this unique site. So, the men set into their thing, also Pasi, who continued with the stone-moving that has kept him busy lately. I wandered around, took some pictures and finally helped Elina with the cooking. The plan for the rest of the evening: the radioamateurs start their activity and the sauna is warmed up.

The views are ever-changing and always beautiful.

A flock of great cormorants above the surfs of the southern shore.

Second morning started windy and it also rained a bit. The four visiting radioamateurs had been active throughout the night; they have two stations active 24h and a third one during day-time. Until this evening they have made over 4000 contacts worldwide.
We "locals" went about our daily routines: Pasi fixed something on the inflatable boat's rear, Elina started at the kitchen and I wandered on the rocks.

Pasi fixing the rubber duck.

If you walk along the north-east shore of the islet you find quite formidable landscape. It looks like strange, broken waves of petrified lava and you can almost see with your mind's eyes how the molten granite pressed itself through the Earth's mantle thousands of millions of years ago.

The signs of ancient volcanic activity.

The evening was as usual: we ate and afterwards the Finns went to sauna. Lee also participated in this ritual of cleansing the body and soul. After the sauna we admired the flaming colors of the sunset followed by fading purples and pinks and finally the day was over.

A few minutes after the sunset.

The third day on Märket is half way through. The weather has been fine; sunny, windy and quite warm. After breakfast Pasi went immediately boulder-wrestling, the radioamateurs continued what they had done throughout the night: making contacts all over the world. The count is now 6800 something. Me and Pertti went walking on the rocks at the north-east shore. Jun was having a break and we also saw him there. Everything was so breath-taking beautiful that I really struggled when selecting the pics for this post. I would have attached so many!

We met Jun at the eastern shore.

One of the "swimming pools" at the front side of the lighthouse.

View at the lighthouse from south-east.

Elina went through all the trouble of making meatballs and mashed potatoes. We ate with great delight and now Pertti and Henri are helping Elina to clean up after the meal. (A perfect moment for me to update this diary.)

Surfs at the eastern shore.

The day's works and workers.

At the end of the day everyone went to sauna. The pool was fantastic, the temperature being about 20 degrees.

Elina and Henri swimming in the pool of the Swedish side of the islet.

Details from the water-world.

The fourth day: weather as usual, that is to say nice, a bit breezy, sunshiny with occasional clouds. Pasi started working before breakfast and if I remember correctly quite rapidly finished fixing the sauna's door which had been bent by moisture. Everyone did their small tasks, most of them related to nutrition or sanitation. The visiting radioamateurs were still going strong and until today haven't needed help from Pertti or Henri. I suppose the visitors are enjoying the nature as much as I am; often when I look down from my attic window or that of the  living-room I can see one of them meandering around the surroundings of the light-house.

The rocks and the sea at the northern shore.

There were some nice weeds and tiny animals hiding in a sheltering crack of the bedrock.

Small butterflies seem to somehow survive here.

This evening we had barbeque and after that, as always, sauna.

On left: Henri preparing barbecue. On right: Atsuo enjoying the meal which was good as always.

On wednesday morning I could see some tiredness on the faces of the radioamateurs. It is no wonder; their expedition is already more than half-way through and they have been busy. After the breakfast Pasi and Henri went for a rubber duck ride to drop a seamark. Afterwords Lee and Atsuo were taken to a small trip around the islet.

Pasi and Henri in the rubber duck.

Lee and Atsuo waiting for the ride with Elina.

During my tour on the rocks today I spent quite a while marveling at the small fish living in the pools. I wonder if some of them survive for a longer period, or will they freeze during the winter? Maybe the gulls will eat them before. Also inside of the lighthouse there are things to see. Echoes of the changes and renovations done in the past decades can still be seen in the structures. For example in the dayroom the original wallpaper is still there.

Small animals and plants live in the cracks of the bedrock.

Echoes from the past inside of the lighthouse. On the wall and door you can see choices of previous renovators' for wallpaper and paint. The wallpaper of the dayroom is original.


The weather today has been maybe even warmer than yesterday. Some showers could be seen in the horizon, and in the evening there was even some lightning and thunder. A few drops of rain also landed on Märket. Pasi spotted some seals on the smaller sister of Märket, Märket Hällar, and we are planning to do some seal-watching tomorrow is the weather permits.

Today's view on the lighthouse.

Spectacular skies and apparitions in the horizon, some of them had quite strange silhouettes.

Spindrifts at the eastern shore.

Before sunset.

On thursday Pasi and Henri worked with the big stones in the southern harbour. These boulders are from last January's storm during which the water carried a huge piece of bedrock across the islet to the southern harbour-area. It would have been a sight to see, if someone would just been here then. Daily duties were carried out side by side by fragile butterflies and us humans. They fluttered around flowers, the humans levered stones.

Pasi took me seal-watching to the Märket Hällar. We succeeded only to see glimpses of one head. Still the trip was worthwhile; it was nice to see the multitude of birds gathered there. Tomorrow is going to be our last day here and the weather might not be as perfect as today. That is why the radioamateurs wanted to have their group-picture taken today. The shirts are so nice, no wonder, the color was chosen by Atsuo.

Märket seen from behind Märket Hällar.

Radioamateurs after the group-picture was taken. In front Jun, from right Atsuo, Miro, Henri and Lee.

Pasi spotted this sailing ship, Georg Stage, in the horizon. Picture is grainy because of the huge amount of magnification applied on this pic taken with 50mm lens.

Befittingly the last morning started with drizzle and wind. So I don't much mind doing household tasks in stead of wandering on the rocks and on the shoreline. Today we are going clean up after our stay and the radioamateurs have to take down all their antennas put up for this expedition. They are still operating and continue to do so until tomorrow with a bit down-scaled equipment. After the breakfast the sun showed up for a while and I visited the rocks just briefly.

Radioamateurs on the air. Jun in the yellow shirt, Atsuo and Lee in the orange shirt.

In the morning the clouds withdrew for a brief while.

Windy morning at the eastern shore.

On left Pasi oiling a hanging loop. On right Miro taking down an antenna.

Today's view to the lighthouse.

This is now the last morning, and weather is even warmer than during any of the days of the past week. The radioamateurs are happy with their about 17 000 contacts and nature-experience-vise the week has been great!

The diarist's selfie from the museum-room's mirrow,

Jaa tämä somessa

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