210810 The International Lighthouse Day


The new crew arrived with Bengt Granberg`s safe and speedy ride. Today it is the International Lighthouse Day and two guests came with us to Märket. Jessica from the previous group was the one to guide them both in swedish and finnish.

Meanwhile the old lighthousekeepers showed us the most important things. This is Maija´s and Nina´s fourth summer on Märket. Here has been done so many things since last summer.

Nina spent here also last christmas, so she has seen how this islet looks like in the winter. Sari and Veikko are newcomers. Sari was impressed about the condition of the lighthouse that how much here has already been done. Veikko has been wondering how the life has been like on Märket a hundred years ago. They are both waiting for a very interesting week.

Lilla Märket X2

We brought here also a new heathing pot with the boat. The box was so light that we thought there was only the inside pot without the cover. Surprise, surprise - there was really a brilliant heathing pot inside. Veikko and Maija put the pot on it`s place and fixed the chimney. And it works. It is brand new and so it's still so shining like a mirror. And the door of it is glass, so you can see the fire burning. Wou! Now we have warm water for dishwashing and shower. Although seawater is still so warm that the braviest don´t need any heated water, swimming in the green lagoon is enough.

We spent this day by getting used to the routines of the lighthouselife. We can't start anything bigger, before we get more cement for the wall. Then the hard work begins. Waiting for it! And writing this diary takes its time...Maybe it goes better tomorrow evening =).

Maija, Sari, Nina ja Veikko


220810 Sunny Sunday


The wind was getting stronger in the saturday evening. We saw the new lights that were installed this summer. How cosy it was when the frontyard was lightened in the dark.

The day started with sun and a quite strong wind from west, about 13 m/s. Half of the crew begin they morning by visiting the green lagoon. This is what we have been missing the whole year.

What time is it?

Sari and Veikko took care of the compost and toilet. Well done! We try to put compostsoil to some holes in the rock and hope that next summer maybe some of that is left and the sea wouldn´t have washed it all away like has happened many times before. The rock on this isley is full of cracks, which are full of tiny yellow lichen or fungus. There is also some small whiteyellow flowers goming up from those cracks.

Emptying the biocompostor

A lonely bird slept in the southern harbour on the seaweedbed. What a protection colour it had.! Now and then the bird swam a little in the bay and rested after that again. First we thought that it was okay, tired only, but then we realized that it had hurt its left leg and couldn´t swim properly. We'll follow how it´ll be doing. It´s a babybird, somateria mollissima (haahka). The nature is truely wonderful here!

We had small technical problems, with the electricity inside the lighthouse, but they have been solved now. It's challenging to be here with this small team, because so few people must know so much about everything. The solarpower is wonderful!

Writing the diary gathers all of us together in the evening. Sari, Nina, Veikko and Maija


230810 Moonlight Monday


We had our typical breakfast, porridge, eggs, coffee and tea. The porridge tastes here so delicious! After that we had our morningswimming. The water temperature is about 17 degrees, quite refreshing. Also the malemember of the crew went finally swimming, but first with the clothes on.

We are still waiting for the cement. What a pity, because all the plans are ready. Since we couldn't start the main thing we have to concentrate to other tasks.We continued with the kitchendoor. Today was also a bakingday. We baked some applecarrotpie and small bread when we finally figured out how the gasowen works.

Sari and Veikko went out with the boats, because they haven´t been here earlier, to see how the way from the harbour is like. The idea was to learn to row the boat out easily if it would be needed e.g. for fetching people ashore. They also layed down the fishnets to get fresh fishmeal tomorrow. But there was also somebody else wanting to get fish easily. Namely a seal was spying beside the boat.

Our birdfriend had died in the night. We carried it to eastend of the islet, because we couldn´t bury it. Maybe the seaeagle comes and eats it or otherwise the sea may take it.

We saw a sailingboat passing by on the westside going towards north. When will we get guests?

The sun is still shining on Märket and we're going to admire the fullmoon before midnight.

Nina, Veikko, Maija and Sari


240810 Visitors from the Sky


It has been raining in the morning. East wind blew the rain straight to the frontyard, so we had to cover the firewood. But the rain didn´t stop us from swiming in the lagoon. The seawater felt really warm. Because of the rain, we took care of the inside. Finished the kitchen door and cleaned the kitchen.

Suddenly we heard an odd sound. A helicopter flew towards the lighthouse and landed on the rocks. Two men in black clothes jumped out with a big black box. Just like in movies! Then the helicopter flew away. These handsome men came to look after the tecnical equipments of the borderguard. After the work, while waiting the helicopter ride back, they had their break inside the lighthouse. We were very interested of their job and asked many questions about it. And we couldn´t belive they brought us a present - chocolate biscuits! That was a nice gesture. Thank you!

The weather changes really quickly here in Märket. In the afternoon we had a bright sunshine and now, in the evening it's thunder and lightning. Because of he waves we couldn´t row to the fishing nets today. We hope they still are on place. The spies we saw yesterday (the seals) were again near the nets in the morning. Have they eaten our catch?

The full moon was so fashinating last night. Tonight we cant´t admire it, if the weather doesn't change...

Veikko, Maija, Sari and Nina


250810 Wednesday Thoughts


The thunderstorm we had yesterday evening was gone and the morning rose with sun. We felt that water in the lagoon was much cooler than earlier. But we didn´t give up daily morningswimming. Some went swimming also in the afternoon. It´s remarkable how much higher the waterlewel is now when it´s been blowing from the southeast for many days. Now it´s possible to imagine a little how the harbour has been like earlier, hundred years ago.

The new heating pot keeps the water warm for a long time. The water gets hot with only a couple of firewood. Fine, because every piece of wood must be brought from the mainland.

We were enjoying the warmth of the sun in the frontyard. According to weatherforecasts these can be the last sunny moments before saturday, that is the day when we´re supposed to leave the lighthouse. Then we saw there was a boat on the east side of Märket. By binoculars we saw there many divers. We expected them to come for a cup of coffee, but they didn´t show up.

While doing the kitchen work there has been time to think about what makes a kitchen comfortable and cozy. Daylight is very important. It´s unavoidable that the one, who is in turn to cook, must spend quite many hours in a day inside in the kitchen and so the daylight makes it pleasant to work indoor. The window is very important not only to get light but also to feel and see the view from outside. Then there must be enough space and tables for working and also a stove that is big enough for cooking also for a bigger group. A stove that heats also a little the air is practical when it´s cooler outside. Nice wallpapers or decoration on the walls is good bonus. And then in a cozy kitchen there is of course a big table and many chairs or benches. People can gather around it to eat and meet each others and also give company for the one who´s cooking. And all that exists at moment in the kitchen of Märket on the 2nd floor. And of course the smell of fresh bakings - today Maija and Nina baked us delicious muffins and rolls.

It´s so exciting to go down to the cellar into the darkness. There you can feel the spirit of the old times. There we keep potatoes, carrots and other vegetables, because there the temperature is good for storage.

And as we are in the middle of the sea, the weather changes rapidly - there was again a thunderstorm around in the afternoon.

Maija, Sari, Nina and Veikko


260810 Symphony of the Waves


Our week starts to be almost in the end. We´ve been waiting for guests all the time and today we heard that the cruiser, that maybe would have come during our shift, probably isn´t coming while we are here. What a shame!

The sea has been showing its power. Today it´s been blowing quite hard from the north-west. It means that big waves has been coming over the rocks of the whole isley. How handsome breakers we´ve seen during this day. And not to mention all the small "rivers" that appear after high waves. The waterlewel has been so high that it wasn´t possible to go swimming into the lagoon.

Inspite of the hard wind we were eating outdoor a dinner that could be compared to any 2 star Michelin-restaurant. The marvellous view gives at least 2 extra stars. And we can assure that the one being in dish-washing duty can´t complain about working conditions. In dish-washing area there is plenty of fresh air and good air-conditioning, warm water (thanks to our new waterpot) and not boring environment at all. So there´s often a little competing, that who´s the lucky one to get this enjoyable duty.

This has been also ideal weather for washing clothes. They dry very quickly when the wind blows 13m/s.


270810 Busy Day in the Shop


The sea has been roaring whole night and hard wind from north has still been blowing all day long. It seemed that we can´t leave the islet tomorrow. Now in the evening wind is 8 m/s and the sea is calming. So the change will probably manage. This is our last evening in Märket, perhaps. Here you never know surely...

Seals came back to their own islet. We wondered where they have been during the hard wind. We didn´t see them then at all. The stairs into the swimming lagoon could again been seen after the storm. So we could swim again. What a feeling afterwards. The temperature of the water is 14 degrees.

We kept the shop open today for the last time. We were the first and last customers this week. We also made the cleaning operation of the lighthouse, from floor to ceiling and from base to top. Welcome the new crew!

Living a week in Märket has been an unforgettable experience for us all. It´s difficult to describe these feelings by words.

It´s great to be a Member of the Crew!

Sari, Nina, Veikko and Maija


Jaa tämä somessa

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