Week 34: Pirita, Paula, Hedda, Leena, Elna, Heidi, Olga and Elina


Saturday 17.8.2013


Seven lovely women arrived in light rain. We stayed at Guesthouse Christiansund to be well rested for the early morning boat trip. Cozy bed and breakfast 30e/night (if you book directly).

On Friday we visited Kobba Klintar, that is an old luotsitupa but we have no energy to think what's that in english, sorry. But anyway, we highly recommend you to visit there on your way to Märket! Boat trip is 20 € per person and leaves from Fiskehamnen at Mariehamn. Call Bo-Erik Westerberg for a nice chatty trip. You need to understand Swedish to get the stories though ...

+358 (0) 457 3420 538 www.kobbaklintarsvanner.ax

We have two documentary film makers on board. They are filming us during the whole week, that is exiting and making us little nervous. They seem harmless, we are just a bit shy to be in the front of the camera. Here they film our professional quality arrival.

Our Chief officer of Harbour Things is getting ropes in order, or just matching the colours of the coat and the rope...

Crew members who had to leave Märket to go back to the planet earth gave us this wisdom: you can expect things, but lady Märket will give you what she seems appropriate for you.

Last week's crew member Little-Taina and charming Mats, our skipper.

Hours and talent was needed to solve the technical problem of refrigerator. Jesus tape was needed and a few magig tricks behind the crumpy machine. And ta daa, it's working and our gourmet dinners are saved.

We had finger-licking good spaghetti thanks to our master chef Paula. We love her already!

Gray day turned into a lovely evening. Just perfect for our first swim...

PS. First seal has been seen in a scenery, which is lovely!


Sunday 18.8.2013


The morning suddenly turned into a heavy fog right after our morning swim. Weather changed rapidly today. After fog we had perfect sunny day for a moment. Now it's really windy, 14 m/s.

Did you recognize Little-Märket, the shower cabin behind the spider's net?

We were waiting for Mat's boat to arrive with 11 visitors. We could hear the sound of the boat long before we could see it...

The eleven visitors were twitching Märket, following Mosttravelledpeople's codes. All made it to the islet, good for them!

One traveller was also eager to find the geocache on Märket and so happy when succeeded. But we do not tell where it is, why spoil the fun of searching... one of us is also wondering where it is.

Our master chief Paula is also a master in planning. She realized that we don't eat white bread that much, so she made crutongs. No food wasted here!

We got our hands into work today. Pirita took old paint away at the stair case. Hedda and Leena painted the new door for sauna – after spending quite some time finding the door, and the paint, and the solvent for a paint :)


Monday 19.8.2013


Sunny Monday!

Today we got a sunny day with soft wind, finally! What a perfect weather for all today's tasks.

Olga and Elina got loads of action shots. Here Elna, Leena and Hedda show sand paper to a bench of the dinner table.

Floor boards from basement got cleaned and coated with tar. Oh how I wish pictures could carry that smoky smell to you!

"Cherry" is the name of new colour.

Heidi washed all sweaty overalls covered with paint, cement and what ever. Nothing is done here without an eye of a camera.

Fresh overalls are now dry and ready for new use.

A well-deserved coffee break after the day's work. Here we are waiting again that some one who's missing - such a small islet but always someone out there wondering. We got sandwitches with lemon marinated salmon and eggs and blueberry pie with vanilla cream (yes, we love Paula!).

We had decided to take it easy for a rest of a day, but if my eyes are not lying, everyone is now carrying heavy construction elements into a pier... Mats is coming tomorrow to collect them and oh, they are so heavy! We are trying to split muscle pain for two days :)

Pirita was scraping old paint away from the main door and Heidi said a few bad words about radio-amateur room's tapestry. And loads of other things were done, but who remembers all anymore. Day was lovely, and it seems we will get really nice evening light for some pictures.


Tuesday 20.8.2013


Girl Power Tuesday!

Last night we had a clear sky and lovely moon. Loads of pictures were taken, you could see tripods and action here and there. Some of us even heard seals singing!

We had again a sunny day with light wind. Morning started with sweat!

Mats came with his friend to collect the metal building scaffoldings. Seals got curious about the new boat and finally we saw a playful group of them. Carrying all the scaffolding to the shore and loading the boat was heavy work. We decided to take rest of a day easy, but right then was a boat approaching Märket...

We got visitors from Russia! The group had a good time. They spend here hours asking about the lighthouse and had a picnic at the terrace. They left loads of goodies for us to spoil our healthy diet.

We saw butterflies, a white-tail eagle and a frog. Leena got a lifer from bar-tailed godwit and several other waders spent the evening on the islet. Pirita photographed a flower (well not that exiting) but it is a little survivor here.


Wednesday 21.8.2013


Wednesday with sun and muscle pain :)

Last night we were all so tired we could hardly speak. Bed was calling early.

New day started with radio! The sound from the outside world was exiting. Film team wanted to shoot us listening the sea weather report - but they had to take several shots because radio turned in to a Swedish channel all the time.

Shit happens! Our biotoilet is leaking... Power team Leena and Hedda had to wash not only floor, but everything else as well after cleaning. Clothes, shoes... and then thorough swim with plenty of soap.

Some red creatures appeared from the sea. Our power team went out there with a friendly question: you want some coffee? And they said yes, and somewhere from our miracle kitchen came a freshly made cake.

About every 30 years Swedish engineers come here to check the boarder and measure how much land has been rising. Actually land rises one cm every 10 years. Finnish officers revisited the boarder a week ago, so now both legal owners know exactly how much land each have at Märket!

Everything seems to take much more time than first expected. Pirita started to scratch away the rest of the paint from main door. It is progressing well, if you consider that the earth is 4,5 billion or so years old. Door needs thorough repair with kit and nails, but one day it's going to be a beauty.

Ok, we have this insane project going on at the radio amateur's room. All has been done (including prayers and loads of tender loving care) for that damn cardboard tapestry to stay on a wall. Here is just one of the helpers, please don't even ask about others.

Now we are waiting for sauna and I had some time to kill. I bet all possible angles and ideas have already been used when it comes to photographing this lighthouse. But let's keep trying!

Today Elna gave coating to a outdoor furniture and film girls were running around as usual. So we had a good busy day. Internet connection didn't work again most of the day, so these diaries are bit late and we have no web dictionary in our use.

Who cares about spelling mistakes and so on, but one grave mistake happened: Leena's lifer yesterday was curlew sandpiper, Calidris ferruginea! Of course Leena named the bird as kuovisirri in Finnish, but the name was translated wrong. Apologies. So now you know what a great, little bird it was, and we can all rest in peace :)


Thursday 22.8.2013


Windy thursday!

What an awakening. Lightning and horizontal rain - what more can you hope!

Strong wind was at peak at 17m/s and first we had to protect things from the yard. That woke us up nicely.Then it was time to show some water to our cameras. Film team got really nice shots with birds and I got my clothes totally wet if nothing else. But it was really fun. Here you have 3 pics of north harbor today. No boats there today.

We got loads of work done of cource. The main door is now ready for a touch of sand paper, rain water pipes and barrels are clean, wallpaper episode in radioamateu's room is finished and all kinds of little things were done.

Now it is sauna time, and sun has been saying hello for quite some time now. But still the waves are going strong. Oh lovely.


Friday 23.8.2013


Clean Friday!

Early bird photographer shot at sunrise.

Today we took all the bedding out to get some fresh air and cleaned the whole lighthouse. Here Paula and Leena do the spanking. Maybe we went into extreme with cleaning, as you can see below...

Heidi, Leena and Hedda decided to empty the small dirty pools on the back yard. The water was dark green, creasy and smelly, so no wonder. Heidi also washed the can where we smoke all the garbage. As she said with a smile; she has this weird eagerness for dirty work... but we do hope to get wellingtons, good common use rubber boots for work like this at Märket. Santa Claus, hope you hear this!

Finally we are proud to present our famous master chef Paula! Here we have almond cake she baked ready at home. We have been spoiled the whole week with excellent lunches, perfect dinners and suprise cakes! Tasty and pretty, oh imagine the smells coming out of the kitchen! Our belts are not enough, new holes are needed.

Group pic of our super team! Week has gone so fast and we are a bit gloomy to leave this heavenly spot. Still one night to go. Document makers are happy about the interviews and material they shot, so we are excited to see their film. When do we get the invitation for premiere?

Our film makers Olga & Elina and their new love.

Well, tomorrow will be a different day as m/s Brahe is coming for it's yearly visit. We are expecting maybe up to 100 lighthouse tourist on shore early in the morning. Weather should be sunny with light breeze, so we hope the day will be a day to remember.

Today we had two sail boats trying to come ashore but waves were too demanding. Sorry, maybe next time.

Märket, see you next summer!

Pirita, Paula, Hedda, Leena, Elna, Heidi, Olga and Elina


Jaa tämä somessa

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