280810 Change of shift


The new crew members first task today was to pick up the food from the Hugos in Hammarland. Actually we met first time at the yard of the Hugos and started to drive towards the Eckerö and Bengt Granbergs boat M/S Felicia. Two tourists from Switzerland and Felicia crew member from Germany joined us on our way to Märket.

Just before reaching Märket, there was a seal colony of 30 seals lying on the rocky cliffs of the small islet. The wind was blowing from the north and therefore we anchored on the south side and were picked up by the rubber boat. We got excellent welcoming and guiding from the previous crew members. Thanks to all of you and we wish you a safe and nice trip back home!

The weather has been sunny, but windy, except a short rainshower in the afternoon. After the lunch we had our first meeting to get organized and to share the responsibilities. We were surprised, when we heard that tomorrow there will be roughly 100 people coming to visit Märket lighthouse by Kristina Brahe cruise ship. Our first big task was to figure out how to make coffee for 100 people... Tomorrow you can read more about how we managed!

Anna, Sofia, Monica, Daniel, Christer and Antti


290810 A Ship at the Horizon


After a good night sleep, we all sat down in the kitchen for a nicebreakfast with eggs, porridge and tea. A s soon as we started to eat, Christer saw a ship at the horizon. We grabbed the binoculars and saw that it was M/S Kristina Brahe closing in. The ship came closer and closer so we hurried finishing the breakfast to get started with the preparation for our guests! Beacuse of the wonderfull weather we decided to move the shop and café outside!

Monica started boiling water for all the coffee, while Sofia and Antti took the motorboat out to sea to photograph the great M/S Kristina Brahe togheter with Märket. Back on shore we got ready to meet all the guests!

And what lovely guests it was, 74 people from Finland and one man all the way from Italy. In total it was 100 people including the crew that visited Märket this morning. We guided the excited guests in small groups around facilities and inside the Lighthouse with amazing view over the ocean from the Lighthouse vantage-point as great final of the tours.

Afterwards the guests sat down for some coffee and pastry, wrote in the guestbook and bought postcards, stamps, t-shirts etc from the shop! After waving goodbye to M/S Kristina Brahe, we all sat down tired, but happy and had some lunch and decided that we all needed a little siesta!

This afternoon Sofia, Monica and Anna have been out with the boat reparing a buoy. And the boys have done the dishes and made some improvements on the hot water stove outside. Antti has piled firewood and Christer has chopped some more.

Now it´s time for some Sunday barbeque!

By the way it was much easier to serve 100 cups of coffee, than to open the salami package at breakfast!

Anna, Sofia, Monica, Daniel, Christer and Antti


300810 Culture in the Kitchen


There was Märket Short Film Festival yesterday. Two great films hosted by Antti were shown in the Kitchentheater of Märket after the sunday barbeque. What we know it's the first Short Film Festival at Märket in modern time.

The subject of today was firewood. Earlier groups and our ax master Christer have done a good job of chopping and piling the firewood outside. Now it was our turn to find a place inside to keep the wood dry before winter hits the island. We decided to put it in the darkest corner of the warehouse.

Despite of the weather forecast the day has been sunny instead of constant rain. The bravest of us swam in the lagoon while the others (not so brave) chose the kitchen service. We skipped the siesta and took a stroll around the island in small groups and made several bird observations. So far everyday we have met a new bird on their way to Africa, e.g. Wood Sandpiper, Willow Warbler and Little Ringed Plover.

We have translated the information signs on the island and put the kitchen door back after the previous shift removed the paint.

As you can see, the kitchen of Märket is, at least for our crew, the heart of the lighthouse, and tonight there is a new big event taking place in that particular room. This evening is dance evening! Sofia and Daniel are going to have a taster lesson in Lindy Hop and then we are all going to dance the night away!

Anna, Antti, Christer, Daniel, Monica and Sofia


310810 Buoys and Concrete


It was a sunny morning so we went around the island by boat. But the first work in the morning was the mending of the place for the buoys to the southern harbour, that did Anna, Monica and Sofia together.

After that we were taking in the woods for the winter.After lunch came the Ålandia group, it is an insurance Company in Mariehamn. At the same time came Granbergs boat with concrete and water. On the cliffs we saw a rare animal (on this island) a grass snake (rantakäärme=snok). After the Ålandia guests had left began the work with the wavebreaker and we made about one meter ready.

Daniel and Sofia (we already miss them) had to go home and they went With Granberg´s Felicia. There is a storm coming on friday they say in the Weather forecast.

Now we have finished the work for today and take a rest and we are planning the work for tomorrow.

Anna, Antti, Christer, Monica


010910 21 Meters Minus 4 Meters


Today we had no difficulties to figure out what to do! There were still over 20 bags of concrete left from yesterday and now all bags are empty. We managed to fill up roughly 4 meters of the top of the northern wall with concrete, but according our calculations there are still over 17 meters left, which means approximately 138 bags more!

Our dear friend, grass snake, was still on our island "kicking and alive".

During the day we received and sent multiple text messages to members of the board of Finnish Lighthouse Society. The reason was that this Friday 125th anniversary of Märket has been postponed by one week to 10.9.2010 due to forecasted very strong winds (up to 17 m/s from north), which prohibits the landing on Märket. Strong winds continues on the next day, saturday, as well. This naturally means that the change of crew, can happen earliest on Sunday and we have the possibility to enjoy Märket athmosphere one day longer than planned.

After hearty lunch we started to climb on the walls. Our next task was to cover up the bricks of the warehouse wall by concrete. It was a tough and tedious job, which will be continued tomorrow.

Surprise, surprise! The weather has been windy as always on Märket, it is said to be the windiest place in Finland and now we can really believe it.

Anna, Antti, Christer, Monica


020910 The Roaring Sixties


The wind is increasing so the first task in the morning was to check the moorings, We took the tires that had been in the North harbour and used them for the small boats.

In this weather climbing on ladders would have been risky so we decided not to do any concrete work today. So we continued Piling firewood instead. On a lunch time there were aroma of fresh buns coming from the kitchen. Monica baked cinnamon rolls (korvapuusti, örfil).

The stormy weather is fascinating, gorgeos fountains of water rising every now and then. The water is blowing over the island, now we have three islands but much smaller.

In the morning the grass snake was still alive curled up in a corner of cliffblocks. But now there is water all over his "nest" and we are very worried about whether he has succeeded to escape the flooding water. Today's bird observation was common sandpiper (rantasipi, drillsnäppa).

We have been swimming and washing ourselves on the lagoon on the western part of the island, but due to the stormy weather it's not possible today. Instead of it we decided to use first time "Lilla Märket" to wash ourselves. It was a challenging to enter the small cabin and keep the door locked on such a wind...

Anna, Antti, Christer, Monica


030910 Autumn Cleaning


Welcome to a super clean Märket! Everything has been washed out and deeply cleaned today. In addition of cleaning we somehow managed to save the boats from the furious winds and waves. However at the same time rolls were in the oven and it took us for awhile to took the boats safe up to the shore. And that's how the rolls turned up to be rusks. As we are out of bread that will do...

As for your information, the weather has been rather rough. The wind has blown 17 m/s from the north whole day and in the gusts roughly 23 m/s. In the radio we heard at noon that the waves are now 2,5 meters, but I think they are much bigger here.

Sweden is totally washed away :) And Finland has encountered severe floodings. For Lilla Märket this has been a hard day. Surprisingly little bird, whinchat (pensastasku, buskskvätta), was playing around on this hard weather on the front yard of the lighthouse.

Anna, Antti, Christer, Monica


040910 Floating Iron Stones and Garbage


When we woke up this morning there was metal and garbage all over the island though we had cleaned it up yesterday. Anna left us by helicopter. It was a beautiful red one. Yesterday the weather was too bad even to go by air, and she had a flight to catch.

Then we lifted the boats into the water again. On Märket island the stones and iron is floating. We picked out metal, nails, glass and stones from the cliff that had been spread by the waves. The wind is decreasing all the day so we hope that it's no problem when Granberg¨s Felicia fetches us home tomorrow at noon.

The seals were back on their cliff and we succeeded to get some good photos in the evening sun. They had not shown themselves during the storm.

Tomorrow is sunday and then we are leaving. Thank you Märket Lighthouse for a good time in our lives!

Antti, Christer, Monica


Jaa tämä somessa

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