Week 37, 7.9. - 13.7.2013: Pasi, Mirka and Leo


Saturday 7.9.2013


New crew arrived to Märket along with day`s two first visitors on the morning, and guests we had coming up all day since; alltogether 25 people visited this awesome islet today! Which is no wonder as it was really beautiful, perfectly sunny day.

It took a bit of improvisation to host visitors straight upon our own arrival - but it all turned out fine and we all had great time discovering the place together. After all, it does not matter whether you`ve been here hundreds of times or you`re here for the first time, something as wonderful as Märket leaves you awestruck anyway!


Sunday 8.9.2013


How sweet it is to wake up on the soft music of the sea and see the sun merriy shining through you window, colouring everything so rich in gold!

Our first morning here at Märket began with a very pleasant morning coffee & tea on the sunny terrace. Märket is showing off her best and we really enjoy all of it.

Sun caressing the islet

...and drawing out a silhouette of the lighthouse. Classic art of the nature!

As a thank you for a lovely breakfast spot, we treated the terrace tenderly with wood oil. It is a very slow work as you need to stop and watch each ship passing the islet and there?s plenty! Though the view on this site is so exquisite that nobody minds if it takes time...

Our technical dept was busy today with all sorts of testing, checking and fixing different devices

Water pump trouble shooting in process

-while our kitchen staff was having exciting time studying how to use a gas owen. Fascinating! A lemon cake will be served tomorrow, after some minor fixing and little make-up with whipped cream...

Temperature outdoors was 19 c, sea water 18 c. The pool water must be even warmer. At least we hope so as we are just abot to go try it out. Sauna is warming up and we call it a day now. A good day!


Monday 9.9.2013


Monday morning does not feel like Monday morning at all when you wake up at Märket! Sun still shining from bright blue sky and today’s theme was No wind. Sea was completely calm, like a mirror. And so silent.

So it was a perfect weather for a boat trip. It sure is a remarkable advantage to have great, experienced sailors in the team! Smile

Off to the sea...

Trip was wonderful, we headed to the closeby islet and then around Märket. Clockvise and counterclockvise to make sure to have pictures of the lighthouse from every angle – and then some to let Mirka dip her hands into water and watch closely how a sea bottom looks like... Smile

On the way we saw some seals. They look SO funny popping up the water here and there! What an experience!

Right after returning to our home base we got very nice guests from Hammarland. Siblings (and spouses) celebrating their father’s 100 years birthday! Märket had been on their to-go-to –list for long and now, on this special day they chose to come here to celebrate. So the lemon cake was called for Smile and we had a really nice surprise party.

...Stubborn photographer regrets ignoring the friendly advice not to take a pic against the window – but the view was so nice!

After-party time meant work for our Painting crew (pls note the hand in the pocket!!) – while our Kitchen staff spent grandeur time laying lazy by the pools...

...Kitchen staff wants to point out that this RESORT truly has a marvellous pool area! Water on most of the pools was warm enough to swim. Checked!

Again a great day full of fun. And a nice sunset to top it.


Tuesday 10.9.2013


The day started and ended the same way; sitting on the rocks with a coffee/teacup, feeling calm and deeply grateful for being given a chance to be here, see all this, learn and feel so much. Everything else changed during the day between the morning and evening teas - except the cups.

It's fascinating to see how the sea chages and how various features it shows! It looks like you've travelled from someplace else to see another yet completely different sea. Thus there's no need to travel but just stay here, sit back and watch as the different seas come to you...

Weather changed from calm and sunny into slightly windy and partly cloudy through the day. So did change the colours, from light, easy pastels into sharp bright colours. Sunset was breathtaking with all its' wildly radiating ruby red, sea changed from a sleepy baby blue into vivid, bright blue. Even the rocks change their colour. Amazing!

Today all our guests at Märket were animal. We were honoured to host a pretty little harbour seal who was not in a hurry but stayed and posed a long while listening to singing (and no, he didnt try to drown himself to get rid of the noise, as some of our crew says!) so we got some nice pictures of him, here you are:

The rest of the visitors were all birds, we had loads of all kinds coming up. A magnificent sea eagle gave us a glimpse of the impressive, seemingly effortless gliding through the air and stayed awhile around to showcase his admirable size and confident manners. Cormorants and other birds whose names cause Mirka trouble even in finnish, stayed ashore and on the water, but smaller birds we had to escort out from the lighthouse several times as they kept on coming indoors. Maybe wanting a guided tour in?!

In the evening, during Ladies' Sauna, it started to rain softly. Which only added to the pleasure to have the shower outdoors, hearing the raindrops meeting the sea and seeing the whole grand view. Standing out there in the rain, arms spread wide, enjoying such an exceptional treat, was truly a shower to remember.

Once the rain stopped and the night fell, we went out for a walk with the lantern of Märket. An old islet tenderly wrapped in darkness, sea whispering quietly, all this in candlelight. However good imagination a person has, it can't get close enough. It's just beautiful, plain amazingly beautiful.


Wednesday 11.9.2013


Ohoi from Märket!

We’ve enjoyed another calm and sunny day here. Sun tan is progressing well. :-)

So is our work. Today the hanging paint pieces from the museum ceiling were cut away. It took one man up on the ladder and two supervisors giving thorough instructions to get the job done...

The inner front door is in a good progress of getting grinded. It’s such a pretty old wood and neat handwork.

Imagine what an enormous amount of people has been coming in and out this door through the years! It deserves to be maintained carefully.

Then, after gaining a nice coating of paint, dust and dirt, we took off with the boat again. As we got no visitors today, we decided to go for a visit ourselves and went to greet the seals. Fortunately they were at home! After some while of silent free floating they were all around us, getting closer and closer. It’s really easy to lose all track of time when just hanging in there and keep on guessing where the heads might pop up next. Fantastic!

Today was also an intense day in the Märket Cuisine. We made an inventory and listed the needed supplies with next week’s Masterchef. As the lemon cake is long gone, another study about a gas owen was needed and as a result we had an apple pie and vanilla sauce for a dessert. On the terrace, naturally.

Talking about the terrace, it is now officially a Perfect one. This is how the process goes: “This terrace is absolutely awesome, only thing missing is a grill. It would be perfect if it was possible to barbeque up here.”

-no worries, our Technical Dept will see to it...

...and so they did. The terrace is Perfect. So is our teamwork! :-D


Thursday 12.9.2013


Morning got started very efficiently by having everyone pick their tools for the day :=)

Today we went through the guided tour –routine, in order to make all of us able to run the tours for tourists next time (there WILL be next time!) we’re here. Or maybe already tomorrow, you never know. A great tour it was, loads of interesting details of the reef and the lighthouse and tips for the tours, and a lot of laughing.

Here’s Sweden, there’s Finland... :=)

We also went up to the top, to see about 3 billion insects neatly nesting all over there on every surface possible on the top and on top of each other as well.

...and of course, The Core.

As a special bonus for the tour we got an interesting presentation about amateur radio hobby and specifically for Märket area licensed station OJ0W. Pasi showed us what all the devices are all about and we talked with people around the world. An interesting introduction to the fascinating world of radio amateurs!

Weather was again nice summerish and acc to the forecasts it looks like we’re not about to have any storms this week, except on the older pictures of Märket. It’s allright though, nothing against lunchbreak sunbathing by the pools ... Strong wind might not come up and make the waves sweep the reef for us to see, but as a compensation the gentle wind brought us a present.

Funny how dirrerent thing is a balloon in the middle of the sea! At home you wouldn’t pay any attention whatsoever on an old balloon but here it’s just hilarious! :=)

It is surprising how easily you absorb the very exceptional conditions here. Nearly everything is so very different than back home and still yet only couple of days and you get accustomed to the environment and the special conditions here and develop a fine routine. Total strangers become very familiar, special people who you’re totally comfortable living with, everyone picks their parts of the daily chores and completes the functionality of the “team”.

It’s fascinating to see how the dynamics of a group establish and how quickly and easily you get to know each other, become familiar and so very comfortable with people you’ve only met a few days ago. It’s like you just drop into an ongoing play, pick your role and go on with it as it was something you knew all along. This is SO wonderful!!

Significant part of the daily routine at Märket is to go out on the rocks by sunset and enjoy the grandeur light show of the nature. Don’t miss it, there’s different show each night and the tickets to the best seats on the frontline are on the house!


Friday 13.9.2013


First look out the window stopped me right there, amazed. Fog! Looked like the rest of the world had suddenly disappeared and only thing left was this reef. Smile You couldn’t see anything, not even the rocks ashore.

Fortunately the morning fog gave way to a clear day, as it brought us visitors. Two guys from Nåtö came over on their tour of visiting lighthouses nearby. We gave them apple pie and they gave us more apples on return.

As we heard, Ålandish apples are bound to be much better than Finnish ones :-) However, Pasi talked the guys into taking Mirka out for a ride around Märket on their nice boat. That was fun and fast!

Following task was cleaning the lighthouse for the next group to come. We had a lot of fun planning how to devide the tasks. As much debate as we had over the issue, our guys did not agree to wear aprons, yellow rubber gloves and a scarf and wash the floors on their hands and knees. Small wonder. It would have made such a nice picture!

But at least Leo did the dishes, he’s become a really PRO in this favourite task of his!

Leonardo The Happy Dishwasher

It’s our last evening here. Time has run unbelievably fast, as it always does when you’re having good time, and it’s our time to go and give way to the next group to come and enjoy this lovely islet.

Cant help thinking with deep admiration what all this grand old lighthouse has been through! Storms and calms, ice and waves, cold and heat. And it’s still here, standing tall and strong, safe and solid, still blinking the light to the dark.

It gives you a strong feeling of things being right, as they’re supposed to be. Feeling of eternity and the unmistakable rules and odds of the sea. No matter what happens in the world, however we humans run around in circles getting more and more stressed, the sea will go on on its’ own way. Giving a lot, demanding a lot, showing so many various faces but always on its’ own terms. Watching it in the evenings, just sitting out there silent and really listening to the sea, to the wind and to your own thoughts, is incredibly calming and comforting.

As the night falls on you and it’s totally dark, lay back on the rocks and watch the stars, there’s SO many of them! You’ll notice how calm and safe it makes you feel, so happy and whole. And so very grateful for this incredible adventure.

This week was truly one to remember.


Greetings from lovely Märket

Pasi, Mirka and Leo


Jaa tämä somessa

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