120910 New Host


Pasi, the new host on Märket for the next ten days.

My fourth visit into Market started in the morning from Bengt Granberg's harbour, and after some 40-45 minutes I was standing on the rocks of the island Market. Last time I was here ten days in sebtember two years ago. Much has been done during those years.

Every time I visit here I have to wonder this place. For example if I keep my left foot in Sweden and right foot in Finland so where I am?

The day went looking around what to do, to organise my job. Pekka, the President of the Lighthouse Society, ordered first of all to keep the lighthouse building warm and secondly some other thinks to do. I shall be more a housekeeper than lighthouse keeper, and it is OK with me. So the time is well running.

Lonely lighthouse keeper

Pasi B


130910 Good, Old Fireplaces and Delicious Lunch


I was born in 13th and it was a friday. It will be a happy day for me.

This day has been cloudy and rainy, temperature 14-15 C (20-21 C inside), at night over 10 C, south wind 2-4 m/s. A quite nice weather. I looked the forecast in the web for the next week: S or SW wind even 13 m/s and calming in the end of the week, temperature 10 - 15 C, raining nearly whole week.

Grey clouds coming fron south, more rain and rising wind. As you can see the flag shows quite calmed wind at the moment. I made today my lunch by myself, cooked potatos from Åland with finnish meatballs. Perhaps you can image how delicious did it taste.

Keeping open fire in five ovens made me busy, three stairs up and down bringing firewood. I can't stop wondering how good is the old traditional fireplace to warm up the room. When twice filled the fireplase in the afternoon it is warm untill next noontime.

Greetings from Märket!

Pasi B


140910 Eagle and Black Clouds


Sunny morning, widy afternoon and evening. I will still tell about yesterday sunset-time. The western/northwestern horizon was beautiful red, the first black clouds are indicating the coming stormy weather.

The morning was beautiful, sun was shining on a nearly clear sky, mild SSW wind and temperature 16 C. Indoors temperature is 20-21 C. The inside humidity is 70% and that is why we keep the heating on in the fireplaces. My way to have the breakfast snacks is to drink two cups of coffee with an egg and bread, and no more coffee during the day.

The night was rainy. In the morning the rocks was allmost dry, only the puddles was still there reflecting sunshine into the kitchenroom through the window.

A sea-eagle was sitting on the northern embankment and went away immediately when seeing me. Later it was flying round the island. In the afternoon the south/SSW wind was rising up to storm and the southern cliff got white foam on.

Pasi B


150910 Cinderella and Hawk


Rainy morning here but the sun is shining through the clouds in the southeast horizon. The night was very stormy S-SSW. Wind calmed down in noon, but got his strenght back in the afternoon, now from southwest direction. The sealevel did rise during the storm some 30- 40 cm. The mobile-telephone field was too weak to get through and no luck to use them untill afternoon - then society-mobil did allow text but my own was still quiet one. Felicitous me the WEB did work, slowly but surely, and felicitous me I have my radiotransceiver to talk with someone.

I tried to take a picture of the falling water from the frontgarden, well I hope You see water there.

In this kind of a day You have to do homeworks. I did take ashes from the ovens - like a Cinderella! After that warming up the ovens was the main job today. First I started fire in the highest floor oven and went down to the next oven. I heard powerfull piip-piip-piip. The smoke of that oven come into the room and it was fireindicator with its piip. Now we know it works.

My lunch today consisted of fried, earlier boiled potatos with meatballs in sause, tomat, cumumber, dark brown bread with meatslides on and a cup of water, elementary but good. After lunch the rain was over and I went out of the doors to get some frish air. A small hawk come from the shed, I do not know it. I wonder what it was doing there.

I did admire the colours of the wet rocks, exceptionally the yellow lichen with some grey one, very beautiful.

No visitors. Last time I saw other people was in sunday when I did arrive and the previous crew went with Mr Granbergs boat Felicia. May be some authorities and professionals are coming. The forecast expectes stromy weather, will see tomorrow.

Pasi B


160910 Storm is Rising


Yesterday the stormy weather was disconnecting the WEB during allmost whole day. I had to make all writing early enough to be lucky with the WEB, and that is why my story goes daily about from 6 pm to 6 pm in these days.

The evening was beautiful. I was sitting on the terrace in the sunshine. The first two pictures show the sunset, beautiful isn't it. Northwestern horizon, swedish side, shows the sunset and upcoming weather, and a big ship heading south.

The second picture shows the eastern horizon and beautifully colored clouds over Åland islands.

Now I will come to this thursday. I went out in the middle of nigth. There was storming of course but no clouds, the sky was full of stars, Stella Polaris, The Bears and plenty of others, and one very bright star or planet in southwest direction and in halfway between horizon and zenit, perhaps the planet Mars. It was something you can't see in the city.

I was sitting in the kitchen and looking out to the sea. The waves were rolling just into my direction and white-foamed catching the reef. There is a short cove into this direction, which we call South-harbour. There was like a tide, water coming ang going. The old seafarers tells that every seventh wave is big. I began to count, yes, really so it is, the tide did come and go in resonance with every seventh. May be there in the swelling sea is different kind of waves, some of them are short and some long. Long means here the distance between a crest of a wave to the crest of a nextone, not the width of a wave. If there is the "usual" waves and seven times longer waves, so it is easy to understand the rule of every seventh wave. The bigger sometimes rises the usual waves and in meanwhile lowers them.

Maybe you wonder why I am telling about stars and seawaves, but I have made a degree of open-sea-navigator and I am interested in them. The afternoon is easy to tell - rain, sunshine, rain and shunshine etc., and the storm is here all the time.

Pasi B


170910 Birds and Flowers


Yesterday evening was stormy and rainy, nothing special was happening. In the morning outside temp was 13C and inside 17C, the storm was over the wind was reasonable. My breakfast was usual coffee and bred and this time also a cup of blue cheese soup. It is some kind of powder into a cup and hot water on, and it is ready to drink. The earlier crew left salmonsoup in the freezer, that was a delicious lunch. A couple of days ago I gave a picture of my lunch. Here you have the other end of the table in the kitchen, a sketch for diary, dictionary, a book to find names of the birds, PC, broadcasting receiver and a candle.

After I have twice loaded the kitchen-oven and set it on fire the inside temp was 20 C, it is a good oven. In the picture you can see which kind of piece of firewood I have been taken inside, there is enough to load the oven twice. Thanks to the earlier crews the firewood is allready choped.

The day has been nice, mild wind from south and sunshine. In noon there was 30-40 grey birds coming from nort-Åland direction in a V, as some birds do fly, their saw me and went round the island south then heading northwest. A pity I was outdoors at the moment, their certainly was planning to set down here. I believe the birds was some geese.

At half past 3 pm shaw I a rainy cloud just south from Märket. My guess was it is soon here. I took the picture of that raining cloud at a quarter to 4 pm, and five past 4 pm we got heavy drops here in Märket.

I did take some books with me from home. I had a thought that here I have time to reed them. Their are still there in the baggage, no time to read them. In my lazy time I rather admire the nature, for example, please, look at the flowers beside the main stairway.

No visitors today.

Pasi B


180910 Rain and Pancakes


On yeasterday evening the wind was rising. During the night there has been raining. The morning was fine. The wind was nearly calmed down, not having strenght enough to wave the flag. The windmills did not spin. Maybe they are remote controlled and switched off. The waves at the sea was still swelling and during the day, their power was going down. At 5 pm the wind is from east and growing up, and until this moment the sun has been shining through the glouds. Now it looks out like it should soon be raining.

In the morning I have got a record for this week. There was at the same time five cargo-ships on the route going between Märket and Understen, and the Eckerö-Sweden-ferry in south, not so many seen earlier.

There is plenty of special features in this Lighthouse one of them is the clocktable in the kitchen. With a new mecanism it shows well the time.

Today I desired to make my lunch by myself. I fried pancakes (one egg, 3 dl milk, little wheat flour, salt and some cooking oil). With strawberry jam and a cup of milk it tasted good. And of course I did not forget the vegetables - a tomato and slides of cucumber.

During last sex days it has been raining, so that there was water in the red dinghy about 10 cm (4 inch). I desided to bail out it, and tried to protect the dinghy with two woodboards.

I put the Märket-crew-shirt on, so some random visitor could see it. No visitors today, even thought the wether was fine. One sailing boat came to this direction from swedish side, southwest. When it was about half (nautical) mile away, it turned its heading to Eckerö Åland.

At five pm the eastern wind has build up strenth, but has still the energy to hardly wave the flag. Now, excatly at ten to 6 pm, a dark cloud is giving its water to Märket. I will harry to shut down the trapdoor on the highest level there in the top, so that it is not raining inside.

Pasi B


100910 Birds, Bakery and Paddlers


The day was half cloudy, meaning again rain and sunshine one at a time, outside 12C and western wind 6 m/s, so the garden was in lee. There is plenty of small insect on the buildingwalls and birds eating them. They all did come to the garden-side. The birds were not afraid of me and I was lucky to take a picture of the smallest bird living in Finland (Ragulus regulus). It is easy to identify, the female has flaming yellow crown and the male red but not so flaming. In the picture there is a female. The other bird did fly inside and it take a time to catch it and let it fly out of the doors. That one is "redchest" (Erithacus rubecula).

The bred finished and I wonted to baker more. I could not get fire into the bakeryoven, so I had to find an other way to baker and made flat fried buns. They tasted good.

After noon there was visitors coming, two canoeists. They told it did take five hours to paddle from Eckerö Åland into Märket. He has been here earlier, but for her it was first time. They made their eatings there on the rocks and after that I was pleasured to guide them.

Now the time is 6 (pm) and all OK.

Pasi B


200910 Reflections


Sunny morning, the sun is shining in the clear sky. Thermometer shows 20C outside, it certainly lies in the sunshine. The forecast for Märket tells the wind is 5 m/s SW, but it was not blowing all over the island - here You have some reflections from puddles in those pictures.

In the sea very low waves are swelling slowly from the southwest direction. A mirage raises the ships and islands in the horizon, where the ships look like more than twice so tall as they are in reality.

I wanted to see any seal during a week, but have no one seen - I have still two days. I found someone in a paddle, and I got him into a photo, that was me.

Besides the usual daily works I had the laundry day. While I was doing laundry, the small birds was fying around, and then suddenly a hawk come and took one bird just in front of me and flyed away the poor bird in its foots! Some minutes later there was two hawks playing around.

It was a beautiful day! The pictures tell something about that beauty I have found here today.

Pasi B


210910 Home on My Mind


A cloudy and rainy morning, temperatur is 12C outside, south wind 6-8 m/s. The forecast tells the wind is turning from south via west to north and rising up to 12 m/s or more. It is interesting because I should get home tomorrow. That is why I am carefully looking at the forecasts.

I was here to keep the inside humidity down by warming the ovens and keeping ventilation on by opening the frontdoor there downstairs and the trapdoor there in top of the lighthouse, and close them if raining. I learned to be quite fast to go up and down in the stairs in those days when it has been alternately raining and sunshine.

I collected the ash from the ovens, so the new crew can start on "clear table".

About this working period I will remember two things, the flag of the Finnish Lighthouse Society and the Lighthouse itself.

The full moon in the night made me feel sentimental.

Now in the evening I am waiting if there really will be such a storm as the forecast gives. In afternoon the flag was hanging in peace. At about 3 pm the south/south-southwest wind calmed down. The sun was shining and in northern horizon there was a beautiful rainbow. The north wind got more and more force. During the night shall be a storm coming, may be up to 12 - 15 m/s. And perhaps I get an extra day to be here.

Pasi B


220910 White Foam All Over the Island


In darkniss of the night it is not easy to see anything, but in this specific night there was white foam all over the island. The nature was showing its force. Northern wind about 13 - 15 m/s did rise the waves so that even the helicopter-post, which lies on the highest point, was under the foam. In the darkniss I could not get photos.

The morning was still stormy but calming a bit. The waves are grown a hundred of miles away and they was rolling there whole day. The tallist one are flowing over the rocks and on lee-side there was several waterfalls, the biggest in the picture.

At about 9 pm there was more than ten black subjects swimming behind the small stones in Eckerö-direction. First I supposed there in seals with black head visible, but no, they was cormorants Phalacrocarax carbo (merimetso, storskarv), no doubt, one was trying to fly.

This my 11th day here In Märket. In the evening is a boat coming with new crew ant it my time to go. The boat must stay in the buoys and we row the red dinghy. The vawes coming from north are going around the island, to the south side one comes ffom east and on other from west. They meet there what we call south harbour and were the buoys are making momentarily a twice so tall waves then they are alone.The photo shows how that route was at 3 pm.

Those eleven days makes me to think what I have done here. I have been heating the lighthouse, barring firewoods up and ash down, warming up water on the heatingplace in the garden for dishes and personal needs,opening the frontdoor and trapdoor in the top, making daily eatings, going to sleep and waking up, and talking with people trough my hamradio, which is important because I have been here alone and without anyone to talk with. I have enjoid. There in the photo You may see the small hamradio.

Last note tells that the boat is here at about 8 pm.

Pasi B


Jaa tämä somessa

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