Week 38: Asta, Jouni and Marita


Saturday 14.9.2013


Our journey from Eckerö till Märket with Mats and a chimney was cozy and fast through mild mist and almost calm sea. Little by little the sun came out and the wind became stronger. On Märket we soon got conseils for next week’s works etc by the old group same time the chimney sweeping with help of Mats. After having a light lunch all together Mats took the chimney and members of group back to Åland.

We went to look around the lighthouse and find the bounds between Sweden and Finland. At the same time Mats’ boat disappearing to the east appeared big spindrifts from the west, three jet skis towards our islet.

Three young men came to have their picnic on the rock, but they also came up to see the lighthouse. Soon we saw still one boat approaching from eastern side of the sea and searching place to run ashore.

Four persons, three generations of same family, who had connection to the past of Märket the oldest being son of former lighthouse master before decades. They had with them their own delicious picnic lunch inviting also us to share it with them round the big table of our dining room. We could hear intresting stories of their experiences living and visiting Märket in the old times. They enjoyed their visit and felt to be at home and also liked shopping still waiting two members of their family from Gävle Sweden to have family meeting at Märket.

Before the sunset we waved to these nice people leaving with two small boats towards Åland on rather rough sea.

At once Märket became very quiet and we could begin our delicious dinner, cabbige pot made by Marita. After eating began our struggle with technical problems of internet in order to send Märket’s daily photos and diary. Alas this happened very late, because of many visitors and the difficulties with internet.

Our first day here was rich of happenings!


Sunday 15.9.2013


Last night it was lovely to sleep after yesterday’s busy experiences and we woke up a little later. Marita began her day very effective with morning swim in “Modersmage” the water being +14 degrees.

The wind became more and more strong and the waves higher and higher. So we did not have any visitors today and could concentrate more to work in the lighthouse.

Marita took care of the kitchen and feeding us with good and healthy food.

Jouni warmed water and the house and prepared coat racks for painting them later.

Asta grinded the outside door and began to put putty in order to even the surfice of the door.

Now our working day is coming to the end and it is time for pictures and diary.

Our sunset and windy greetings from Märket!


Monday 16.9.2013


The diary seen with my first time volontary eyes at Märket, the third day:

At seven o’clock in the morning walking round the islet I saw the sun glewing in the horizon like the flag of Japan.

Today our moving outside was regulated by dark clouds with rain and wind. The waves were growing bigger and bigger until 2pm . Jouni had to lift our small red dinghy higher on the rock.

During our afternoon coffee we saw the spindrifts calming and also the flag of our lighthouse society taking rest for a moment. The weather was clearing and the horizon glowing sunny. Outside it was +14 degrees, same as the temperature of the sea water. Maybe I could go to swim? Or wash dishes at least?”

The work inside the lighthouse went on puttying, painting and grinding the door and racks.

In the kitchen the shelves of vessels, kettles and foods got a good order also planning the next crew’s needs.

The wind was blowing through kitchen window’s frames making people round the table feel cold. So after lunch we patched the holes between the frames with fabric stripes. Soon we could enjoy the effect of encreasing warmth.

At four o’clock pm the wind was turning to the south and it was no more so heavy to move outside, but still rain menacing by dark clouds.

Our different bird friends are still resting on the edges of our islet watching people fussing around. Still evening meal, sending diary and other smaller tasks.


Tuesday 17.9.2013


The weathers here are rather surprising , fast changing and intresting to watch. During last night yesterday’s hard wind had calmed a little but the sky was threatening and at same time splendid in the morning.

After midday the sea was so calm that we decided to make a short sightseeing round the islet to test the boat and hoping to see seals. Some small dark spots we saw. The seals are very timid but curious and here and there they rized their heads over the surfice and emmidiately diving under the water.

Also it was nice to see Märket from unusual side.

Meanwhile we also worked each in our own corners and tasks. During two days Jouni has made the compost work better, repaired toilet door and warmed the house , the sauna and water for dishes. Asta continued still evening the putties of outdoor and begun scratching some old paint of an oven. Marita has spoiled us by her delicate meals.

The days here pass very fast, because the normal daily tasks are often complicated and take much time of the work that has to be done. We have a very nice and harmonic crew and much to talk about when three strange people are learning to know each others. To learn to know members of our lighthouse society is also one of the good things working volontary in Märket.

The weather again! Now suddenly begun a stong wind for the night.

Soon to bed and waiting for tomorrow’s surprises.


Wednesday 18.09.2013


This week seems to have changed our long summer to the autumn at last. So also today gray with all its shades has been the main colour of the sky and the sea. Some rain and some wind, not very much. Fortunately we can work inside the cosy, calm and warm lighthouse. Just the dishes can be cleaned outside, but under a shelter away from the rain and and enjoying the wide sea scenery at the same time. The days follow each others quite same kind with allmost same tasks. Only the food changes, the tastes and the colours.

In the western horison we can see all kind of ships sailing from south to north and from north to south. Today we succeeded to get this picture of Ro-Ro cargo Ostrand coming from Rotterdam towards Holmsund near Umeå.

Jouni began to solve space problem in the warehouse for the rubber boat to protect it during coming winter. Also he had to do some cleaning up in the tower of the lantern. Asta made second paint for the racks and first paint for one new. Because of the weather there has not been any visitors here. So we decided to do some shopping in the Märket shop.

Still some written tasks, for instance the list of food shopping for next week in Hugo’s shop, the discharge of Märket shop etc. One of us got already yesterday an opportunity to stay here still for next week and Marita was really happy to answer yes!

Behind the lighthouse we have found a plant! Some optimist has put it to grow here. Still in blossom and even fruits coming. Some days ago before the stormy rains it had still many fruits, but most of them had vanished when taking photo today. Maybe some birds or..?

From the center of the earth


Thursday 19.9.2013


Here more colour shades today, even a small piece of blue sky could be seen and some glimpses of sun. The wind has turned to the east and has grown more strong than yesterday. So we could admire some splätters on more steep edges of our rock. But we also had to walk very carefully on the wet and slippery cliffs after rain.

Marita walked to the edge of Finnish side and took photos of small things she found on and between the rocks. One fine moment when the green yellow earth was sunny in front of gloomy horizon.

She was happy to find a bunch of birchbark and came inside reporting: “ Now I have been in Nordea bank and have a lot of “tuohi”(birchbark=tuohi, means money in finnish) and can buy more Märket stamps”.

The daily works for example: made some small practical improvements for everyday life in Märket lighthouse, continued warming, grinding, puttying, cleaning etc.

Jouni fixing one waterspout.

Now we are waitingt for our evening meal . The food tastes so good here!

See you tomorrow!


Friday 20.9.2013


Last day of week 38. The predominant colour of nature has been gray around us, but inside us we have eaten many colours that Marita has invoked in the first-rate kitchen of our lighthouse: chiken meat, fish, eggs, potatoes, sausages, tomatos, cucumbers, and cabbages with white, red, yellow and green beans and peas, and of cource pancakes with jam. Inter alia.

First dry weather day and so we all made our walkings round the islet on not slippery rocks to say good bye for these sceneries, except Marita who will stay and continue her early morning walks and swimming. The air being very clear we could see more isles, lighthouses, and boats than before.

By the shore Marita angled new treasures with her magnetic stick.

The program of the last day included of course final reports, cleaning, ordering, warming and packing. And naturally the sauna that is just now warming up by Jouni.

After the gray week, today evening the sky prepared us a real good bye with coloured fireworks!

We are happy having spent these days at Märket.

Gratefully Marita, Jouni and Asta


Jaa tämä somessa

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