Week 40: Anne, Ari, Eikka, Markus and Raimo


We arrived one day late in Märket, the weather was too strong on the previous day.

We arrived at the Märket: Ari, Eikka, Raimo, Anne and Markus

Technical problems...


Monday 29.9.2014


The morning dawned sunny on Märket, it was nice to start day's work in the beautiful weather after having a delicious and nutritious breakfast made by Markus. We checked the task list together and each found all kinds of nice little jobs according to their abilities.

Today's selected jobs were renewal of the stone masonry seams on the foundations of the lighthouse,

painting a piece of border in bedroom, cementing the outer door of the lighthouse

and repairing iron fence posts of the lighthouse, and it will continue tomorrow. Markus got opportunity to excel in rock drilling skills with the erection of posts.

In addition, we did the daily maintenance of the lighthouse like chopping the wood, warming up the stoves and some cooking too, a tasty meat soup.

The weather has been nice all day. In the afternoon it got cloudy for a while, but the temperature has been around 14 degrees the whole day. So far there hasn't been any sign for autumn storms, the wind has also been moderate.


Tuesday 30.9.2014


Today we saw a little more breakers and whitecaps

Work proceeded well and now and then watching the sea and its movement. However, the day was sunny and the sea was glittering beautifully.

Temperature was agreeable 10 degrees.

Work is progressing nice and so far we are on schedule. Raimo is warming up the lighthouse for the evening by his experienced hands and foreman Ari takes care with his iron grip that everything is done on time.

The life rhythm at the lighthouse is tranquil and the atmosphere is relaxed. Our team spirit is great and everybody has found a place in the group.


Wednesday 1.10.2014


We started the day with breakfast already early at 7.30. Works were the previous evening planned in advance. We continued painting, chipping and welding work on the posts. Work proceeded nicely, the spirit was good and the sun was shining. Tomorrow there is waiting the painting and the work with the burning barrel, if the weather is good.

Unfortunately we couldn't complete the posts painting because the paint was already out of date.

The weather was good and sunny, but you can already feel the arrival of autumn in temperatures.


Thursday 2.10.2014


Today morning was gloomy and a little rainy, but we were able to complete the unfinished work. Burning barrel construction took more time when we thought. Also the sauna cauldron and the sauna water bucket took a lot of time to wash. These buckets smelled bad the first time when we taking a sauna bath. Markus and Anne washed the barrel, so we can enjoy the sauna again on Friday.


Friday 3.10.2014


The day dawned foggy and rainy. Fortunately the most important work was done so the rain and the fog did not disturb us. The mood was a bit sad because tomorrow we will leave the island. Today was the sauna bathing day and after a nice bath we took a traditional swim. We found that the sauna was hotter than the last time, because the back wall of the sauna did not have any air draft.


Anne, Ari, Eikka, Markus and Raimo


Jaa tämä somessa

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