Week 40: Katja, Pirkko, Sari and Susse


By the time ferry arrived to Marienhamn, we didn´t know if wind would allow us to get to Märket. Katja had reserved us a small cottage, so we had power nap while waiting for Mats call. As he made the decision to try to get to the island, we started our adventure.

Back waves including with new vawes created a tricky situation – to go or not to go. Total conclusion was to go.

Half of the team went first, and rest of us waited in Sefyr. As an extremely professional captain, Matts surfed us safely through waves to Märket.

With the old crew we enjoyd delicious soup ...

... and waved them good journey back home.

Katja kept us a safety walk with excellent spirit. Märket was ours! Greeting from the new lighthouse crew!


Sunday 29.9.2013


Bright sunny morning. Susse went for a fresh morning swim. Heating up the stoves caused lots of smoke, which discharged the fire-alarm, twice. Quickly were doors and windows opened. Probably that was because it was blowing from wrong direction – northeast.

We decided to retry heating again tomorrow.

Susse drag all matrasses and pillows out for fresh air and gave them a good spank.

Katja started to count all the painting materials. We separated those to take to mainland and those to leave on Märket over the winter.

We were collecting the pieces of roofplates that the storm had thrown around the cliffs. We also were fishing the plates from the pools. The former saunapipe and window had flown away too.

After the lunch we were served pancakes outdoors. The sun was shining warmly and we were feeling great.

Susse succeeded to heat some water to make the dishes.

The storms of last week and during the last decades had spread huge amounts of old bricks and concretewaste over the cliffs. So there was also hundreds of old nails in the holes of the cliffs. So we were picking up rusty nails half of a big bucket.

Greetings from susse, the (dream)team and the sexy fly in the roof


Monday 30.9.13


In the morning the weather was lovely – rather warm and shiny. Susse took her daily morning swim.

There is a museumroom in the lighthouse. The walls of the room have been covered by different wallpapers during the past decades. The main idea in the renovation is to keep the old spirit still living in the room.

So Pirkko and Sari were glueing the loose edges of old wallpapers with an old method (selluloosaliisteri).

The renovation work will continue tomorrow and some preparations for that was done today.

Today was the day to launch the rubberboat. It was a success - thanks to senior lighthouse keeper Pasi Koski and his good advice. Katja and Susse were practising how to cope with the boat.

In the afternoon the foodstore was checked for the coming winter. And the leftovers of the paints as well. Today we succeeded to heat 3 stoves without getting smoke inside. Dinners have been delicious. Tonight, candlelight dinner was lovely fish made by our fantastic cook Pirkko.

Susse, Dream-team and the visitor with white stomach behind the window


Tuesday 1.10.2013


Fresh morning swim has now become a daily routin – what would be a better way to start the day!

We cleaned the whole lighthouse. Pirkko cooked huge amount of soup for our 8 handsome guests. What a joy to have them with us even for few hours.

Even it is 1st of October, the weather was more like in indian summer afternoon, no wind and warm sun.

Katja and Susse checked the rubber boat and filled in some air. We desided to make a short boattrip around the cliffs, as the waves were plesant.

Bonus for this perfect day were two seals swimming around the coastline, and literally smiling for us.


Wednesday 2.10.2013


This morning, as all mornings this week, started with a beautiful sun rise just couple of minutes before 8 am.

It took 2 to do the dishies today , as it takes 2 to tango, but Sari and Pirkko managed it very well.

After yesterdays guests, today was a really hard working day. Susse and Katja decided to clean the boat store and toilets from top to bottom. All movable things were carried out and washed

Pirkko and Sari continued to renovate the radio amateurs room at the 2nd floor. Wall paper project takes days as it is done by the old methods.

The Lighthouse keepers says good night for today with a beautiful sunset.


Thursday 3.4.2013


On Wednesday night there were the most magical northern lights in the sky. Lights were like light-green pilars up from the horizon. South-west wind was quite strong, but new sauna gave us a good shelter. Morning was sunny and bright again. Like thousands of glittering diamonds were surfing on waves.

Upstairs Pirkko and Sari put their finishing touch to their careful and tender wallpapering.

And as wide-range line girls made Susse and Katja with good solidarity a nice pile of firewood.

Birds (urpiainen) have used to have their daily lunch as ready served on the cliffs. Good for them, Katja brought 2,5 kilos of seeds with her.

Before the dinner, everybody took time to wonder around and snapshot the island as it was sparkling in soft autumn light.

The evening sky was clear and blue, so we climbed to top of the lighthouse to enjoy the most beautiful sunset.


Friday 4.10.2013


Tonight is the Last Night for our “Dream Team”.

We decided to summarise our feelings in following pictures. Like some one said earlier “Märket takes what Märket wants” and “You leave a piece of your soul on the the Island”.

with Love to Märket Pirkko, Sari, Susse and Katja


Jaa tämä somessa

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