Week 41: Aarni, Ari and Katja


Saturday 4.10.2014


Mats our loyal captain of Sefyr (means in swedish see the Lighthouse) directed the boat out of Käringsunds harbour to Märket.

Today we had company of four bird watchers that would get off to Signilskär birdstation Island.

They will stay on Signilskär island for a week, looking for the migrating birds.

After an hour we saw the white-red lollipop sugartop - Märket. Previous weeks crew welcomed us with a hot and fresh pot of coffee.The afternoon we started to build scaffoldings next to the makasiini (storage house) so that it would make it possible to repair the broken windows before the winter.

Evening arrived with the sea mist and swept us inside it.


Sunday 5.10.2014


Sunday continued with the window project. After all preparations the lighhouse keepers were now ready to climb up. Good preparations and calm news was the receipt of the excellent final result.

Because of the Autumn winds a small goldcrest had come in to the boat house to rest for a while.

In the afternoon we had possibility to watch how the White-tailed eagle catched a goosander from the sea to eat it.

Beautiful moon bridge started the evening and night for us.


Monday 6.10.2014


We started the morning by moving the summer furniture inside before the winter wind would take them

Dining room windows got washed before seal up. Now we have cosy warming lighthouse.

Kitchen inventory and cleaning started today... more about it tomorrow.

Following birds were photographed today:

Peukaloinen = Wren

Punakuiri = Bar-tailed godwit

Peippo = Chaffinch


Tuesday 7.10.2014


As winter is coming preparations for that continued at the lighthouse with different works.

Our baking trays are now very shiny after hard polishing work

Today was very windy and rainy day

Because of that very simply task like getting water to the bucket was quite difficult and also funny

But getting fresh water for bathing was again quite easy. In the evening we were rewarded by bathing in the most westernmost sauna in Finland, Märket's sauna.

Border line to Sweden is proximately 5 meters from the sauna


Wednesday 8.10.2014


Morning started as every morning with warming the ovens

We got to enjoy of the Eastern wind today, up to 21 m/s in blasts. This meant out to take photos.

Storm had brought today's dinner up to the island, an eel

We also started to fix small things after the storm like the chimney and small water lakes in the storage.

Evening high light was full moon and all of us stayed out taking pictures


Thursday 9.10.2014


As the weather was so good we decided to wash the windows of lighthouse, as they were mysteriously dirty.

Also the broken end part of smokestack was taken off

On the Island we had more than 70 Great Tits. Some of them amused us by singing behind the kitchen window.


Friday 10.10.2014


We continued to make prepare the lighthouse to "winter sleep"

Because of the fog, many small birds landed temporally to the island.

Maybe it is because of the birds or of the free spirit that the island produces we also had need to look at the Island and lighthouse from a bird perspective.

Week's 41 team Aarni, Ari and Katja sends humble greetings from Märket as we will leave the lighthouse and the island tomorrow.

Greetings from Märket

Aarni, Ari and Katja


Jaa tämä somessa

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